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Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller Plant encyclopedia

Spent too much time in the sun? You’ve seen Aloe Gel listed as a ingredient in many of your skin care products. It’s always been there.

FLP offers you a complete line of nurturing products based on 100% pure aloe Vera gel. Harvested their own plantations & instantly stabilized for purity, our aloe enhances your body inside & out with products ranging from anti-aging facial treatments to delicious, antioxidant rich drinks.

The reason aloe Vera gel is trusted in products is because it works. As well as sciences starting to discover what people have known for thousands of years. Even the earliest civilizations valued Aloe Vera as an amazing botanical for its surprising properties. The uses of Aloe Vera have been passed down through time, now improved by scientific innovation & centuries of experience.

  • Aloe Vera Barbadensis is Known for:
    Hydrates your skin
    Soothes & promotes skin renewal
    Supports your immune system
    Cleanses & supports your digestive system
    Infuses you with energy
  • Quality Certified

    FLP is committed to bringing you the best products. By this, They mean more than just effective products. We hold ourselves to the highest standards & actively seek out external certifications to prove that to you.

    To view our product certificates click on the links below :

    1. International Aloe Science Council
    2. PETA Cruelty Free
    3. Islamic Seal of Approval
    4. Kosher
    5. Halal

      A great challenge still exists to phytochemists to try to better define what the
      physiochemical agents in Aloe are that demonstrate activity. The clinical evidence mounts,
      however, that topical application of Aloe extracts or the excised phloem material of the Aloe
      plant itself has repeatedly been demonstrated to have significant ability in promotion
      This study evaluated the effect of oral Aloe vera juice supplementation on gastric
      pH, stool specific gravity, protein digestion/absorption, & stool microbiology.
      Results indicate that supplemental oral Aloe vera juice is well tolerated by most
      individuals & has favorable effects upon a number of gastrointestinal parameters. A discussion of the potential role of Aloe vera juice on inflammatory bowel disorders based upon this work is presented.

      Effect Of Orally Consumed Aloe Vera Juice
      On Gastrointestinal Function In Normal Humans
      Excerpts By Jeffrey Bl & , Ph.D.
      Linus Pauling Institute of Science & Medicine
      Preventive Medicine, March/April 1985

      Members of the genus Aloe Barbadensis & Aloe vera have been used
      historically for medical purposes. Going back to earliest Phoenician literature,
      historical records history the application of internal contents of the leaves of the
      Aloe plant for the treatment of burns, wounds, & other dermatological conditions.
      The pharmacological principle(s) in Aloe Vera has been the subject of great controversy
      Throughout history. In recent years, individuals have extracted the Aloe plant
      looking for specific nutritional agents, alkaloids, sapponins, fatty acid materials,
      glycoproteins, or terpenoid substances that may account for its unique ability to
      promote healing of the dermis. This research has uniformly resulted in failure to
      identify the active principle in Aloe. It has been suggested that the extract of the
      Aloe plant promotes tissue reparation through the complex synergistic interaction of
      many substances, including vitamins, mineral amino acids, & other small
      constituent molecules that are members of the terpenoid family. Substances such
      as Aloe-Emodin or Aloe Resin-A have been evaluated recently from Aloe extraction
      concentrates as being terpenoids, characteristic of Aloe potency.
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