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Aroma Spa Collection the newest aromatherapy spa products (3) Piece collection: Bath Salts, Shower Gel, Massage Lotion

Aroma Spa Collection

Relax, Indulge & Renew

Aroma Spa Collection:

This new 3-piece collection of aromatherapy spa products will indulge you in the ultimate in-home spa
experience. FLP has once again delivered products using the
highest quality ingredients! The Dead Sea Salts found in Relaxation Bath
Salts have been used for centuries to feed essential minerals back into the
skin. Lavender is known to lift the spirits, calm the soul & restore the
skin. So, treat yourself to this luxurious spa collection & enjoy the skin
conditioning benefits of aloe vera & the calming powers of these select
essential oils. Give yourself a treat!
Lavender is coveted the world over as a soothing & versatile
essential oil. Its restorative scent has long been valued as a
stress reducer. Its rejuvenating & soothing properties make
it a natural in skin care preparations. As well as blending
beautifully with other essential oils, Lavender can soothe
the body & rejuvenate tired & dry skin. FLP
has infused this entire Aroma Spa Collection with the
immensely soothing & renewing properties of Lavender.

Aroma Spa Collection

Relaxation Bath Salts:

Combine legendary Dead Sea Salt, Lavender & other essential oils, & you’ve
got a ‘health spa’ in a bottle. The Dead Sea is renowned for
its restorative properties. Unlike other bath salts, Dead Sea
Salts have high concentrations of a wide variety of minerals.
It is these minerals that are sought after the world over
for their rejuvenating abilities. These qualities were once
reserved for the lucky few who could travel to the Dead Sea
or who could afford visits to European-style spas. Instead,
just add two tablespoons of Relaxation Bath Salts to your
bath & breathe in the aroma “therapy” of lavender however
the salts work their magic. No reservations required!

Relaxation Shower Gel:

Apply this fragrant shower gel directly to your bath water or your skin
for a relaxing & skin-soothing experience. Relaxation Shower Gel is formulated with the moisturizing
& soothing power of aloe vera. Aloe vera can add a rich supply of building materials to help maintain
healthy skin due to its content of essential amino acids. Combined with essential oils & fruit extracts
including Lavender, Bergamot Orange & Cucumber, you will enjoy a full sensory experience. Use
Relaxation Shower Gel with our very own loofah to help remove dead skin cells & reveal its moisturizing,
skin-silkening power.

Relaxation Massage Lotion:

Our new Relaxation Massage Lotion will keep you feeling pampered from head to toe, all without leaving your home.
We’ve taken the skin-conditioning benefits of Aloe Vera, essential oils from the
aromatic blossom of Bergamot Orange Fruit, White Tea & fruit extracts &
the restorative properties of Lavender to create this emollient, non-greasy massage
lotion. Your skin will drink in its nutritive powers & you’ll love its fresh scent.
Apply directly after bathing or showering to help protect & moisturize your
skin. You will feel its permeating effects all day long!
So take the plunge into this collection of spa products & create that restorative
environment you desire. This is your time to relax & renew.

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