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FLP (Self-employed)


Do you know how to get online? ❏ Do you have a smart phone, laptop or PC? ❏
Do you have more time than money? ❏ Do you want to make your own money? ❏
If you are ready to see how easy it is to start your own online store without paying anything.
This is what it takes to start making your own cash flow to achieve a better lifestyle for yourself.
• Go to and locate the JOIN NOW window, and fill out the application.
You will be prompted to choose a distributor, type 001000666848 Leticia Reilly is correct.
• After you submit your application you will get an e-mail with your own ID 12 digit number. Save the e-mail for your records. Now you can go to the Forever Living Web site and sign in as a New Forever Living Distributor. Log-in and check that your address is correct and set up direct-deposit to get paid out every 10 days or they will just mail you a check once a month.
• Turning-on your online store requires you to replace our 12 digit distributor ID# with yours.
This is the affiliate link for the online store that links to the forever living shopping cart site.
Now copy and paste this link into a word doc and replace the numbers with yours and save.
• Once that is set up you will get paid when someone makes a purchase on the site through your affiliate link. There are lots of free places to put your link on line for people to find it like classified ads, we also suggest you make a FB page and a group and a blog for this link. Google it! Or email us for some more free ideas we use that promote the store all the time.
• Once the customer clicks your link to the store the company takes care of the customer all the way through the shopping and purchase process to the check out, and delivers it with a money back guarantee from the company. Then they sends an email that you just got a sale.
• Now, you can get excited every time you make a sale online you will be paid out monthly.
• How to share your store link, button and make banners for your affiliate link. Google it!
It’s easy to promo your link online for free, it works all the time. You could wake up to sales.


Self-Employed; Health, Wellness and Fitness industry

Independent FLP Distributors receive 15%-30% on all retail sales+bonus. We are here to help you develop your FLP online business. via duplicating our successful method
Work Online 18+ Opening until filled Local online Description needed

Rise to the level of success that only comes once in your life time.

–•••–•••–•••–•••–•••–•••–••• Join my team right now, at no obligation, no fees, no monthly dues, no requirement to buy or sell anything.100% free to Start offering people something of true value to people that want it. You’ll even get an affiliate link to your vary own e-store just like this-> only with your number and name in the eStore. Best of all!! Once a customer finds your e-store and check out you’ll get paid! All You have is about 32 second to act now, before your brain starts making excuses like i don’t have time for all that. Really it’s easier than you think, but no one is going to make you do anything, So sign up right right now, doubt delay! its like that =D anyway

JOIN now click to fill out your info Remember to use my number 001000666848 to get the free affiliate eStore and my free SEOadvice to a successful online business you can be proud of. Your welcome.

18+ Opening Locally Work Online. FLP is a billion dollar company that manufactures its own exclusive Aloe products in over 145 countries, currently there the largest grower Aloe Vera, manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality Aloe products on earth. This business compensates anyone who joins this opportunity of sharing their product with others. Best Of All; there’s No costs to you at all. No need to buy or sell anything to join or sell online. All you have to do is promote your e-store on line.

(1) First you sign up at FLP with this ID# 001000666848 to get into this FLP line of business. I’ll personally Send you your Own Online-Store-Link with all the products you can promote on-line it looks like the following Link

(2) At this point youll follow along with a video: “How to post FREE Ads with OLX classifieds, plug-ins Facebook

(3) Post one or two different products Ad’s daily Using the FLP product store content and adding your-store-link in the ad’s “post it” and that’s it. People really are looking for these particular product and when they see your classified ads with what there interested in, they will actively click into your e-store… shop around… decide on what they want… check out… all on there own. Best of all FLP facilitates the entire transaction for you, from sale to shipping. As well as all your repeat order from happy customers.

(4) Wait for a response via your email from the FLP Corporate office that “A Retail Sale Has Been Made” the sale was made online the amount of sale will be emailed to your. You will get 15%-30% of retail price of whatever produced was sold through your online-store-link checked out with your ID#. That is it!

(5) After your online sale is registered you will be notified via email for every on-line sale. Paid in the form of a Monthly Checks from FLP Corporate office to your address or Direct Deposit. Requirements: Must have accesses to a computer to follow these basic steps(1-5)

SKILLS: Learn How to Post free ads on classified sites with this product to make 15% to 30% pulse bonuses. Good Time. This might also be a useful skill set for most business that promote most products or services in this day and age. Go to Salary: 30% commission / Monthly Job Advertising, work for Student in The United States Click

Save 30% on Retail Prices

  • Buy direct from FLP at Wholesale Prices – find out how!
  • Now you can enjoy all of our products at wholesale price & make 30% off the retail price promoting your won store online! – You even get your own online-store included in your free membership. This is Totally free, we show you exactly what we are doing in the boring video at the end of this page. All you have to do is sign up, reply to my personal email with your personal store-link, follow just one video completely and you could receive your very first order this week!
    You will continue to profit from any repeat orders as well!

    This wholesale membership is unlike most membership because it real is free and you are not required to buy anything. The more post – the more you make! This is as easy as it get with out having to get into a uniform.

    All you have to do is to fill out this simple online application form, which will take only 2 minutes of your time. Applications are reviewed by the main corporate office. and you will need to put my ID#001000666848 to get the link to the free online store and instruction on how to make it produce income for you 24hr a day. with or with you!


    After your application has been accepted, a special link & log-in information to the FLP wholesale website. I then personally show you how we are making (30% on retail price!) online all day long. Yes, it is that simple. We have been doing this for a some time and now Ive made it so simple just about anyone you can do this.

    So where is the catch?
    There is no obligation to buy, absolutely no membership fees! free online-store-link with free instructions on how to make it work.
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    “let me just personally tell you that every retail sale we make online is as exiting as the first time if not more so” I would not waist my time or your time writing all this out if it was not so. try it for your self, if for some reason you cant follow along with a simple video on how to post free adds and you quit, at least you will not feel like a chump for wasting your money because this is not get rich quick scam”

    So where is the catch?
    There is no obligation to buy, absolutely no membership fees! free online-store-link with free instructions on how to make it work.
    Click here, fill out the application form & become a an online money maker today!

      Our Guarantee:
      – No obligations to buy.
      – No Registration Fee.
      – No Monthly Fee.
      – No Membership Fee.
      – No obligations what so ever!

    If you are not sure about all this free wholesale membership, free online-store, posting free ad’s to make money without having to work hard for it, this is probably not right for you. Please visit the main FLP retail store —>
    click here to see what your online store would have looked like!

    How do I apply for a FLP wholesale membership?
    1. apply online to become a wholesale buyer – simply fill out the application form Join FLP Once you have been accepted, you can instantly start promoting this product online making the difference of 30% from wholesale prices. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY OR SELL OR SHIP ANYTHING
    2. You will get an email with your personal wholesale buyer number, your personal password & a special link to your very own website that looks just like the corporate store only with your name in the top left. just like my store here
    3. You use your website link to promote this product on sites like Facebook Craigslist & OLX just like we show you in the video at the bottom of this page. your very own website making you money 24 hours a day in every state in the US. There are actually lots of people looking for this product on line all over the US. I’ll show you how they can find your store with out needing to even contact you in any way and you will get 30% of every real purchase from your store!
    Once you set this thing up! all you will have to do is re-post ad’s and check your e-mail to see how much you made.

    Click here, fill out the application form to become a smarter and richer person!

      Key Points:
      – Registering as a wholesale buyer is just like joining your local Costco (just without any membership fees!)
      – It costs nothing to register!
      – You instantly save 30% on our retail prices(if you want to)
      – There is no minimum monthly buy, there are no target, you do not have to buy.
      – Personal Minimum Order Value is $50+shipping (only if you are buying something for yourself).
      – You will not be placed on a mailing list for junk or spam!
      – You do not have to buy re-sell products – but you can if you wish to do so.(we let the store do it for us)
      – You can place as many or as few orders as you like.(or let online customers place there own order)
      It’s simpler than all that.

    Our Guarantee:
    No Registration Fee. No Monthly Fee. No Membership Fee. No obligations to buy. No obligations what so ever!

    Click here, fill out the application form & become a FLP wholesale buyer today!


    Your Future Starts Here

    What would you do with more free time? Develop a hobby? Get involved with your community? Experience the world?

    There is one thing that holds people back from spending their time the way they really want. More & more households are sending both parents to work. Work hours are getting longer. Budgets are getting tighter. It’s a struggle just to make ends meet.

    You might think the only way out of this exhausting cycle is something seemingly drastic: Going back to school. Winning the lottery. Getting famous. Investing money on a risky venture. NOT!

    There is a different way.

    FLP is a different kind of company designed to reward people like you & open doors to the future you’ve always wanted, without risky investments or unlikely scenarios. Just combine your passion with our proven opportunity, & you’ll achieve more than you ever thought possible.
    * Time to do what really matters

    * More cushion in your budget

    * College funds

    * A comfortable retirement

    * Residual income you can pass on to your children

    * Help others live more fulfilling lives

    Our unique business opportunity makes all this possible by helping you establish your own home-based business without any risky investments. You’ll receive steady paychecks, earn amazing bonuses, & secure your financial future as part of a community that does good. The more you you post, the more money you’ll make. No salary caps. No educational requirements. Can you say that about any other job?

    JOIN FLP Today, FLP is a multi-billion dollar company doing business in over 140 countries as the world’s largest grower of Aloe Vera, manufacturer of Aloe Vera & distributor of aloe vera. From its International Headquarters located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Rex Maughan, Founder, Chairman of the Board & CEO, directs operations worldwide. With Approximately 9.3 million distributors enjoy the support, tools & guidance required to live healthier & wealthier lives.

    Let’s make this as simple as possible for everyone. Basically, as a retail buyer, anyone can purchase any quantity of FLP products they wish at the normal retail prices. Your information is all processed directly through the Corporate FLP office site. There are no minimum order requirements & Retail customers are guaranteed 100% product satisfaction. *Please remember to use our Sponsor ID 001000666848 at Check out!


    There is a $50 Dollar minimum order requirement, to place a personal order as an independent FLP Distributor. The discount as an independent FLP Distributor Very, starting at 15% off retail price & up to 30% Plus bones checks.


    My wife joined FLP over 10 years ago when she was introduced to FLP products through an aquantance & wanted to get the discount after she felt it was better than what she was buying at the stores. We did replaced a few expensive chemically products with the all natural FLP Products. There’s even a bottle of Aloe Vera Juice in my refrigerator in case of an upset stomach I’ll drink a shot FLP Aloe Gel Juice because I feel better fast. We also use the aloe toothpaste with No-fluoride.
    I got involved when I personally saw the quality of other peoples lives change for the better. I was like, Wow People really do get results.
    On top of that, we saw how FLP is improving the st & ard of living for folks everywhere in the US & all around the world. Thank to you Rex. So Join our team if you would like to make some extra cash only spending a few hours a week. No Cold calling, No bugging other or being bugged. Super ease way, to make an honest buck, helping people improve the quality of there day to day lives. This really is 100% free to Join. Scam Free because FLP is already a rich & successful company world wide with or with out you.


    *Please remember to use our Sponsor ID 001000666848 when you Check out or if you desire to join, Our Distributor ID# 001000666848

    You to can join FLP right now for free & get a nice discount off FLP Products.



    Corporet business Plan

    *Please remember to use our Sponsor ID 001000666848There is a $50 Dollar minimum order requirements to get the discount as an independent FLP Distributor. However you are not required to buy anything in order to encourage FLP & get monthly Bonuses checks paid monthly. However you are not required to buy anything in order to encourage FLP & get monthly Bonuses checks for referring customers. This is the road we have chosen to go with FLP. This benefits us in a lot of ways the first being the monthly Bonuses check. represents an independent FLP distributor who is not an agent of the FLP company or any of its worldwide affiliates.

    Feel Free to Join any of our Sponsored Distributors. Please remember to user there ID when joining or check out!


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    The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products discussed are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent a specific disease or class of diseases. Please Make Note: represents an independent FLP distributor 001000666848 who is not an agent of the FLP company or any of its worldwide affiliates.