The first step to a clean body is to control your intake of harmful preservatives and other chemicals the second is to heal and nourish our body with the right balance of nutrition. This is the right place to help you build muscles and weight loss. It’s designed to teach you how to eat properly, exercise efficiently, increase metabolism and live a healthier lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want to sign up for that Right? The products discussed herein contain vitamins, minerals, & other nutrients that help support overall health by defending against nutritional deficiencies.

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November 09

November 2008 | Issue 92
2009 North American Rally
Feb 20-21
Natural beauty starts with
clean, healthy skin. And
clean, healthy skin starts
with nature. For 30 years,
FLP Products
has been a leader in finding
& perfecting natural
sources for softer, smoother,
beautiful skin. And we’ve
just perfected another
– avocado.
Made with 100% pure avocado butter, Avocado Face &
Body Soap loves your skin, moisturizing as it cleans with
the natural, rejuvenating properties of this powerful fruit.
Avocado offers relief for almost every skin type, gently
cleansing oily skin with no irritation to keep pores clear
& healthy. For dry, sensitive skin, it soothes & quickly
penetrates to nourish & moisturize.
And because it’s a moisturizer & a cleanser, Avocado Face
& Body Soap continues working after you bathe. The
fresh citrus scent is a gentle reminder that it’s helping to
keep your skin soft, supple & healthy all day long. 5 oz.
Item #284 | Retail $4.94 each | For Distributors $3.45 each
Top US/Canada Distributors & Areas
September 2008
Top Distributors (Total CC)
1. Elvira & Roberto Ruiz
2. Sara & Antonio Maya
3. Enrique & Zonia Espinosa
4. Lydia & Jaime Herrera
5. Ana Mirian Henriquez
& Roberto Abarca
6. Katie & John Miller
7. Mui & Hung Ma
8. Di Wu & Zhang Fan
9. Alvin & Emma Lambright
10. Chris & Mary Graber
Top personal group builders
(Personal & Non-Manager CC)
1. Katie & John Miller
2. Maricela Sanchez & Salvador Manzo
3. Joe & Ruth Miller
4. Mei Chen & Fang-Ming Wang
5. Alvin & Emma Lambright
6. Zong Wen Huang & Feng Guang Wu
7. Kim Phung
8. Aleks & r Kopylenko
& Victoria Nemirovskaya
9. Natalya & Peter Zablotsky
10. Alicia & Ernesto Chavez
Top AREAS (Total Volume)
1. Toronto, CANADA
2. Los Angeles, CA
3. Orange County, CA
4. Houston, TX
5. San Fern & o, CA
6. Riverside, CA
7. San Francisco, CA
8. New York, NY
9. Denver, CO
10. Dallas, TX
Face & Body
chairman’s greetings
As I have said many times before, this is the greatest opportunity
in the world, & it has never been better. We are growing
continually all over the world, & we are excited for the future
– even withst the turmoil that is hitting the world financial
markets at this time, we continue to grow from strength to
strength because of people just like you. I would urge each
one of you to go back to the lists that you have made of people
that you have contacted about Forever, & I would re-contact
them. A lot of them will have experienced a change in their
lives, & this may be the time that they need Forever more than
ever before!
There are many motivations that attract people to join Forever
Living. There are the obvious ones that I am sure you have come
across: financial insecurity, health issues, or a change in life style.
Those motivations, or what is often referred to as a person’s ‘why,’
are an essential part of the joining process & provide the
drive to take a new business on to the next level. For example if
a person joins Forever to resolve debt issues, then that pressing
need is what motivates that person to go to work & build an
income via the Forever Marketing Plan to resolve that specific
debt issue.
Although we don’t guarantee success, we do have a proven
success record for those that get involved. And if you follow
the programs, work hard & exercise patience, you will be
successful with Forever. This success often resolves the issues or
the driving forces that brought you to Forever in the first place.
In our example, as soon as the person is out of debt, if they
haven’t found a new motivation then the urge to go to work is
diminished, as the original ‘why’ is gone. When we reach this
point, you have two options. The first one is to st & still & do
nothing. We usually see this when people stop making phone
calls or taking new people to meetings, & in some cases even
stop using the products & allowing their 4 case credit commitment
to falter. I have also seen this management/maintenance
mode lead to negativity & essential feelings about yourself,
others, & the company. Note here, though, that these criticisms
are not valid; all that has happened is your initial ‘why’ has
been realized or forgotten.
The second option is to choose to plow forward seeking out
new passions & motivations for yourself. The main, when you
hear your inner voice say ‘What’s next?’ is to make sure that you
work to establish an underst & ing of a deeper, more long-term
‘why.’ These are things like helping others, giving more to the
community or charities, educating your children, leaving a legacy,
traveling the world, personal development, & meeting new
people. This is a short list of core motivations that will continue
to drive you for years & years; however, it is often a difficult
process to go from your short-term motivation to your longerterm
motivation. It requires a change, & change is not easy…
but it is essential.
I’m reminded of discussions
that I had with
a couple of the Eagle
Summit attendees who
told me how, however in
Havasupai at the base
of the Gr & Canyon,
Gregg spoke about
the river that has run
through that valley
for hundreds of years.
While it hasn’t always
followed the same
course, there have been
few changes. Recently, however, just one week after the Eagle
Summit group left the Gr & Canyon, there was a huge flood at
Havasupai. The river that has for hundreds of years followed that
similar course has now changed beyond all recognition. It flows
in a different part of the Canyon now. And waterfalls that were
once there are no longer waterfalls, yet there are new waterfalls
& swimming holes now just waiting to be discovered &
enjoyed. Obviously it is the same river, as it continues to provide
water & life to those that live on its banks – but it has changed.
It is renewed, reenergized, & is carving a new path through the
canyon. Each one of us can do the same. We can look for new
motivations & core passions that may be different from the
ones we had in the past. These new passions & core motivations
will be even more powerful than the ones that brought
us into Forever in the first place, & they will drive us to new
heights & provide us with the sweet satisfaction of achieving
even more with our great company.
We are into the last quarter of 2008, with just a few weeks left
in this year – so make them count! Don’t let them pass you by:
make a difference, work hard, dig deep, & sleep a little less. So
when 2009 inevitably arrives, you will be able to look back &
say, “I did my best!” And I promise…your best is good enough.
Rex Maughan
Chairman of the Board & CEO
Forever Yours,
Find the Right ‘Why’
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 3
Product Focus
Why should I get moving & lose weight? Just ask the
American Heart & Stroke Association, whose statistics state
that more than 140 million American adults are overweight,
& consequently at risk for numerous health issues if their life style
of eating & exercising doesn’t take a turn for the healthy.
Myth #1: to lose weight, you must go on a diet. A new way of
thinking: to lose weight, choose healthy eating habits. Myth #2:
exercise to burn calories. A new way of thinking: exercise to be
healthy & calories will naturally burn more efficiently. Forever
Living has created a program that takes into consideration what
today’s adult is facing with regards to life style. We know that
weight loss is about changing your life – which is why we have
created a program to support you every step of the way!
Forever Nutri-Lean™ is designed with your weight loss &
health in mind. Forget about yo-yo dieting, unhealthy eating
& hit- & -miss fitness goals. With Forever Nutri-Lean™ you
CAN achieve a realistic balance for a lifetime, & we are here
to show you how! The Forever Nutri-Lean™ pak includes:
• The NEW & revolutionizing Forever Lean™ (#289)
(120 capsules)
• Aloe Vera Gel (#015), Aloe Berry Nectar (#034) Or
Forever Aloe Bits n’ Peaches® (#077) (Three one-liter
• Two cans of Forever Lite® Ultra™ Meal Replacement Shake
Mix in Vanilla (#237) Or Chocolate (#266)
• Forever Garcinia Plus® (#071) (70 softgels)
• Forever Active Probiotic® (#222) (30 beadlets)
Forever Lean™ provides two revolutionary ingredients that
can help reduce the body’s absorption of calories from fat
& carbohydrates. The first of these ingredients is opuntia
ficus-indica, or prickly pear leaf. Due to the extra high soluble
fiber content of the leaf material, it absorbs a lot of the fat that
would otherwise end up deposited in our bodies. The other
revolutionary ingredient which comes from the beans of the
phaseolus vulgaris plant, or white kidney beans, works by
slowing the body’s absorption of sugar in the small intestine
by temporarily inhibiting the enzyme activity that converts
starches into sugar.
Forever Lean™ supplements these two powerhouse ingredients
even further with chromium trichloride, which is a trace
mineral that helps the body maintain normal blood sugar
levels. This new comprehensive weight management supplement
from FLP maximizes your efforts when you
complement your regimen with a healthy diet & regular
Aloe Vera Gel,
Aloe Berry Nectar
& Forever Aloe
Bits n’ Peaches®
offer you delicious
taste with even
more delicious
results. Aloe Vera
Gel, if taken
regularly, helps to
gently improve
the body’s ability
to absorb essential
nutrients &
gently cleanse your
system. Factor in
the sweet nectar,
vitamin C &
Get Moving
& Lose Weight with
Forever Nutri-Lean™
(Starring: Forever Lean™)
4 |
The statements haveed herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products discussed are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat,
cure or prevent a specific disease or class of diseases. You should consult your family physician if you are experiencing a medical problem.
fiber of the peach in Forever Aloe Bits n’ Peaches®, & the
cleansing & antioxidant goodness of the apples & cranberries
from Aloe Berry Nectar, & you will forget why they are
included in a weight management program!
Forever Lite® Ultra™ is not your store-bought variety shake
mix. Drinking two delicious shakes per day of Forever Lite®
Ultra™, prepared with skim milk, supplies your body with
100% RDI or more of the vitamins & minerals your body
needs, along with 18 essential amino acids. Forever Lite®
Ultra™ balances your body’s instant & longer-term energy
dem & . The protein from the whey is rapidly absorbed into
your body, the soy is gradually absorbed, & the calcium
caseinate is absorbed over several hours. Forever Lite® Ultra™ is
the perfect meal replacement – & now you can see why!
Forever Garcinia Plus® has a number of ingredients that
support your weight loss needs, the primary one being hydroxycitric
acid (HCA). Studies have demonstrated HCA’s ability to
reduce the conversion of carbohydrates into stored fat by inhibiting
certain enzyme processes. Another significant ingredient is
chromium picolinate. Chromium deficiency can cause fatigue
& excess fat production. And Garcinia Cambogia has also
been shown to be a natural appetite suppressant!
Forever Active Probiotic® at your service. Our digestive system
can be a jungle if it’s not operating optimally. Bad bacteria can
flourish if left uninterrupted & cause a host of issues. Forever
Active Probiotic® is a small, easy-to-swallow beadlet that works
in the intestines to assist with the process of food digestion &
help overcome imbalances created by our food & life style
choices. Forever Active Probiotic® uses an exclusive, patented
encapsulation technology that protects the fragile probiotics.
Forever Active Probiotic®, when taken in t & em with Aloe
Vera Gel, can form the backbone of a healthy & highly functioning
digestive system.
FLP has created a comprehensive plan to allow you
to achieve ultimate results. The new Forever Nutri-Lean™ pak,
with its new & revolutionary Forever Lean™ capsules, along
with the lineup of ‘heavyweight’ management supplements
like Aloe Vera Gel & Forever Lite® Ultra™, provides the tools
you need to successfully claim your ideal weight – maybe for
the very first time! This Nutritional Cleansing Program puts
in place for you a systematic plan to follow that is backed by
researchers, chemists, nutritionists & all the people in your
life cheering you on, with yourself being the loudest. Take this
opportunity & create the life style changes you have always
wanted with Forever Nutri-Lean™ & the new Forever Lean™
leading the way!
American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Learn
& Live 10/07
WholeHealth MD Reference Library 4/20/05
Healthnotes, Inc. 2007
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 5
A 2007 study conducted by researchers at
the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of
Public Health predicted that three out of
four adult Americans will be overweight
by 2015 as opposed to 66% of overweight
adults right now. If this forecast proves to be
correct, it would mark a disturbing trend for
Americans, who spend over 78 billion dollars
a year in costs directly related to excess
Medicaid & Medicare paid about half
these costs. Beyond this, the societal costs
include absenteeism, lack of productivity,
& health care claims. Personal costs often
include workplace discrimination. These are
just a few of the reasons that the Bloomberg
School called for public health efforts to
help Americans trim down, especially at the
waistline, which is now a essential indicator of
future problems.
According to the National Institute of
Health, being overweight means “having too
much body fat.” While some of that weight
might be from bone, muscle & water, most
overweight people carry too much weight as
fat. This condition occurs when a person uses
fewer calories than they eat.
Forever Fit
Winning the War
on Weight through
Lifestyle Change
Our modern world offers convenience, but it also contributes to our
tendency to carry more fat than we need. Research has shown that
contributing factors to weight gain include technologies such as email
& telephones, which allow us to communicate without moving. Longer
commute times often mean we skip breakfast, eat fast food, & eat later at
night. Food companies have answered the call for more convenient products
by using ingredients that lengthen the life & usability of food rather than
increasing the nutritional value of food. And our dependence on cars has
decreased the amount of physical activity we do.
6 |
The statements haveed herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products discussed are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent
a specific disease or class of diseases. You should consult your family physician if you are experiencing a medical problem.
Public agencies, community leaders, & even some employers
have all been deployed to help fight the war on fat. One
program, Healthy People 2010, has drawn on a 1979 Surgeon
General’s report that established health goals that State &
Communities adopted as their own. Some of the goals listed
in the plan include increasing quality & years of healthy
life, eliminating health disparities, & reducing the problems
related to being overweight. Studies show that quality of life can
improve even after a 5 to 10 pound weight loss. One of the main
goals should be to keep the weight off. To ensure that the weight
won’t creep back, the health agencies suggest following these
simple rules:
• Add physical activity into your daily routine.
• Be honest with yourself: Are your portions larger than
required? Do you splurge on sweets & salty foods? Could
you change your snacks to healthier choices such as fruits &
• Keep a food journal to highlight areas where you can make
• Choose a time when you don’t already have added stress in
your life. The life style change will take time & adjustment so
be sure to have a calm, controlled environment.
• Learn as much as you can about nutrition. Buy a book, attend
a seminar or take a community college class.
• Stock the refrigerator & pantry with healthy items. Remove
tempting foods.
• Make a plan for “Temptation Moments.” You will want to go
to gatherings & restaurants. Decide beforeHand how you will
order & what would be healthy to eat.
The first step to jumpstart your weight-loss is the new Forever
Nutri-Lean™ Program. The Program is designed to help you live
free of yo-yo dieting & unhealthy eating practices. It not only
starts you on the right path, it teaches you how to adopt new,
healthy habits that will stay with you for a lifetime.
Along the way, Forever Lean™ (#289) can help you reduce the
amount of fat & carbohydrates your body absorbs from the
food you eat. It also includes Chromium, which helps the body
regulate blood sugar for a normal metabolism. Forever Lean™
can be the extra push you need as you start a new program of
healthy diet & exercise.
Although it may not be feasible to return to all of the traditional
healthy habits of yesterday, we can adopt at least a few
old-fashioned healthier choices that will make the difference in
maintaining good health. By moving more, & eating healthier
foods in reasonable portions, we can all win the war on weight!
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 7
We would like to thank Rex & Gregg Maughan, Harold
Greene, & the entire FLP Board for trusting us with the task
of being the new ASMs in Montreal. It is an honor & a very
serious challenge. We will do our best & more to achieve
our goals.
We would also like to thank all the new & top Distributors
for their participation & outst & ing enthusiasm. Your
glowing & hungry eyes expressed the obvious need for
knowledge & recognition. On June 28, 2008 this first
Recognition Day, we showed the world that we are a healthy
& ambitious team for whom nothing is impossible. Are you
ready Montreal?! If we are going to dream big, then we have
to work hard to make our dreams come true.
We joined the FLP family on October 24, 2001. We’ll be
forever grateful to our sponsor Annamaria Bernath & to our
upline Dr. S & or Milesz, Tamas Biro & Adolf Kosa. They
introduced us to this tremendous opportunity, for holding
our Hand, & guided us toward achieving our boldest
dreams yet.
Many thanks to our great group in Hungary, to Bea Tasnady
for her relentless professionalism & for being an outst & ing
example & ambassador of our beliefs. We would also like
Eva & Nick Szidiropulosz
Senior Managers
Car Incentive Winners
Business Builders Club
Conquistador Club
Area Sales Managers in Montreal, Canada
Distributor Highlight
to thank our entire team & our Managers in
Szeged; you are doing a wonderful job. Thank
you! You have our greatest respect, & we are
very proud of you. Thank you, FLP Hungary;
we could have never done this without you!
I remember our conversation with Rex at the
first European Rally in Budapest. We promised
him that when we go back to Canada, we
would do whatever it takes to make Canada
the best!
And now, here we are! The time has arrived to
fulfill my promise & keep my word. This is
it! Thank you, Rex, for giving us the chance.
You have to have a passion for what you do.
This business will help you become more
goal-oriented, disciplined & persistent. The
more passionate you are about the business,
the more success you will have. This business
can be done successfully ‘part time,’ but not
just in ‘spare time.’ When you are out promoting the Plan,
you have to give it all you’ve got. When we love others without
condition, without strings attached, we help them feel safe
& validated in their worth. Help your downlines to discover
& live true to their highest & best selves. The road leading
to success is never smooth & easy, but going through that
journey gives us unforgettable experiences & can change our
lives forever.
Thank you for the Business Builders Club vacation, where we
had a wonderful time. Gregg Maughan, Harold Greene, Bill
Lewis, Carl Z & er, David Anderson, Gary Shreeve, Ibis &
Elizabeth — you did everything possible to make us feel at home
with family; we are ready to come back! You can be there too!
What are you waiting for? Come with us!
FLP Products has extended its Hand to help people for
the last 30 years. All you have to do is just reach out & accept
it. If you are ready for change, to learn, to teach others, to
become a leader & live a life style you never thought possible,
take that Hand. Chances are, life will never be the same again.
We know that we can speak for all Quebecers when we wish
FLP a Happy 30th Birthday!
8 |
Adolf L. Kosa & Eva
Ferenc & Iren Tanacs, Tamas Biro, Eva
Szidiropulosz, Erika Tanacs
Eva Szidiropulosz, Andra Hoss, Dora Mak &
Csaba Mak
Peter Mezei & Aranka Mezei Bea Tasnady & Zoltan Voros
Sponsor a new group, & win a
4-day, 3-night hotel accommodation
plus airfare to attend
the North American Rally in Los
Angeles! This includes entry into
the Special Training Session &
Dinner Extravaganza on Friday,
entry into the North American
Rally on Saturday & transportation
to & from the airport.
Sponsor a new group & win a
4-day, 3-night hotel accommodation
however you attend the North
American Rally in Los Angeles!
This includes entry into the Special
Training Session & Dinner
Extravaganza on Friday & entry
into the North American Rally
on Saturday.
Sponsor a new group & win
ticket(s) for your Distributorship to
attend the North American Rally
in Los Angeles! This includes
entry into the Special Training
Session & Dinner Extravaganza
on Friday & entry into the North
American Rally on Saturday.
• • 2009 North American Ra lly | Feb 20-21 • •
Join us in Los Angeles February 20-21!
• Learn new business & product selling techniques
• Meet the Executive Committee
• Recognize North America’s top leaders
• Renew your energy & desire to take your business to the top!
*Contact your local RSD or ASM (please see pages 30-35) to purchase your wristb & & sit with others
from your area. If you do not have an RSD or ASM in your area, you may contact Toni Oviedo at (800)
528-6474 ext. 4352 or email her at Order your wristb & between Nov 1 – Jan 12
for only $50 which includes Friday’s Special Training, Friday’s Dinner Extravaganza & Saturday’s Profit Sharing
Rally. (Please note that wristb & pricing will go up to $70 after Jan 12.)
Seating at the Rally events will be based upon wristb & sales. This means that groups with the most people
(including qualifiers, wristb & purchasers & guests) will be seated closer to the stage during Friday &
Saturday’s events. Wristb & purchased after Jan 12 will not be guaranteed to be seated with their group.
So be sure to place your wristb & order right away to receive the “early bird” special, & invite everyone
you know to add to your area’s group volume!
Also, be sure to reserve your room today as space is limited! For more information, please visit Group rate available until January 16, 2009. Subject to availability.
Wristb & go on Sale
November 1st!*
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 9
LOS ANGELES, california
Sheraton Los Angeles
Downtown Hotel
711 South Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Tel: (213) 488-3500
Rally :
Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Earned Incentive Winners
US/Canada Recognitions
“We want to thank our Heavenly Father for His many blessings & helping us find this wonderful
line of FLP products. Our goal for the future is to help teach others how to improve their wellbeing
with FLP Products. We want to thank Rex & Ruth Maughan for creating such a
wonderful company. We are so grateful to our downline for their support, hard work & for encouraging
& motivating us along the way. May God bless & take care of all of you.”
—Natalya & Peter Zablotsky, sponsored by Raisa Konovalchuk, LEVEL TWO
“I’m very excited to become an Earned Incentive winner. Special thanks to Rex
Maughan for creating such a wonderful company. I’ve used many great of the
products which have improved our entire family’s health. I also want to thank RSD Willie
Hsu & all my FLP downline team members. I will continue to work hard & achieve new
goals. The secret of our success is to constantly talk to people about the products & share the
benefits of the Marketing Plan with them. If I can do it, anyone can!”
—Le Binh Huynh, sponsored by Kim Thuong, LEVEL ONE
“Since March 2007 I have been very grateful to God for putting FLP in my path. We want to
thank Rex Maughan for giving us the opportunity to achieve our dreams & to have an exciting
life by helping others with these admirable products. Thank you to Isabel Escalera who sponsored
us, to Lupita Portillo for her support, to Lucila Ballardo for her teachings, & especially to our
group for helping us to reach our objective; this achievement has been possible because of them. Our
goals are to continue offering more people the opportunity to use the products & to develop new
Managers so we can keep growing in this business, because it is part of our lives.”
—Leticia & Francisco Ornelas, sponsored by Isabel Escalera, LEVEL ONE
“Thank you to everybody in the FLP family — Rex, Harold, Bill, Willy, Mui, Kathy, Le,
Ketty, Tina, Mai & more. I am so excited to say that my secret is setting a goal, going to the next
level, & never giving up. My favorite products are Aloe Vera Gel, Forever Calcium, Gin-Chia,
Ginkgo Plus, MPD, Shampoo & Conditioning Rinse & Toothgel. Once again, thank you to
everyone. Without you, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today.
—Nhi Huu Tran, sponsored by Kim Loan Nguyen, LEVEL ONE
10 |
“God has given me the opportunity to know about the wonders of nature with
FLP, where health & being go Hand in Hand with achievements & realities.
I want to thank my mother, Dr. Lili Trujeque & Daniel Venegas, for their motivation &
guidance to move forward in this business. I love to drink the Aloe Vera Juice, & to take the
Probiotics & Forever Ginkgo, although all of the products are my favorites! My goal is to keep
progressing & working as a team, because the secret to success lies in the effort that we put forth
every day & in the faith & quality of our products. Thank you FLP for compelling
us to fly ever higher!”
—Karla Urbina Trujeque, sponsored by Lilia Trujeque & Daniel Venegas
“If a word of thanks is like a prayer, we pray for Rex Maughan & for our uplines & downlines.
We thank God for allowing us to achieve another goal. We will continue to work as a team, &
there are no secrets: you only have to learn, share & remember that there are no limits in Forever!
We can fly as high as we want to. Thank you to Lucila & Arturo Ballardo for their unconditional
support; thank you to Lucrecia & Salvador González; we love them & respect them. Thank you
to Karla & Karel, because they are an essential part of our success.”
—Lilia Trujeque & Daniel Venegas, sponsored by Lucrecia & Salvador Gonzalez
“I first started using FLP products in December 2004. I thank my sponsor for letting me know
about this wonderful opportunity. I have achieved Profit Share, the Earned Incentive twice, &
I have earned free trips three times this year. Thank you, Rex Maughan! You have changed our
life styles! Thanks to everyone on my FLP Team for their effort & hard work. Special thanks to
my upline managers Mindy & Jesse & Wei-Lih, for teaching me how to challenge myself. My
secrets to success are believing in FLP, using more products, working hard, teaching everyone how to
achieve their goals, & never, never give up!”
—Feng Guang (Grace) Wu & Zong Wen Huang, sponsored by Xiao Ting Zhang
“First of all, I want to thank Jehovah God for allowing me to find this wonderful Company &
its products! They have helped to improve my health, my life & that of my family. For this we are
very happy! I want to thank Hilda & Ubaldo Caraveo, & Miriam & Roberto Abarca for their
support, & also our group for their hard work. My favorite products are the Shampoo & Sonya
Skin Care Collection — they are fantastic! Thank you, Forever, for manufacturing & constantly
improving these products. My future goal is to achieve the level of Diamond Manager. The secret
to our success is to work with honesty, have a genuine interest in people, & help them to know
about Forever.”
—Jose Luis & Guadalupe Herrera, sponsored by Hilda & Ubaldo Caraveo
Senior Managers
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 11
“I joined FLP in November 2006. At that time I did not think about business. I was
just buying natural products for my family. We started using the products on an everyday basis. I
also told all my friends about the products & their effect on my health. My favorite products are
Aloe Freedom, the Bee products, Alpha-E Factor, Aloe Activator & Aloe First.
I would like to thank my sponsor Galina Belous for supporting me & most essentially for
sharing her knowledge & experience with me. I thank all the people in my downline for their
support & hard work. Without them I would have never achieved the level of Manager.
FLP brought me not only extra earnings, but also better health & new acquaintances.
As for the Montreal team, I see a great future & many opportunities of growth. Thank you, Rex
Maughan, for creating such a wonderful company!”
—Irina Tansky, sponsored by Galina N. & Yuriy V. Belous
“We joined FLP Products in June of this year, & this is one more of God’s blessings I
have received in my life. No more headaches & my blood pressure is back to normal. Aloe MSM
Gel is the wonderful remedy. I’m very thankful to Lyubov & Alex Solovyev for introducing me
to FLP. Since June, I have achieved the Manager level by telling everyone about these
amazing products. My future goal is to reach out to as many people as I can & tell them about
the blessings of having great health & to inspire them to use Forever’s products. God bless all!”
—Lyubov & Vitaliy Trush, sponsored by Lyubov Solovyeva & Alex Solovyev
“I began with the company in November 2007, & I started my business in March 2008 after
an event in Miami. I’d like to thank my sponsors Agnes & Attila Toth. They showed me the
products & the business & gave me plenty of help. My favorite products are Aloe Berry Nectar,
Nature-Min & Royal Jelly. My future goal is to become a Diamond Manager. The secret to
success, I think, is to have a positive attitude.”
—Anna Czegledi, sponsored by Elizabeth Rakoczi
“We joined FLP 10 years ago. We first want to thank God & then José Luis &
Alma Montante. Our favorite products are Forever Heat Lotion, Forever Toothgel
& Forever B12. Our future goal is to continue our hard work. The secret of our success is perseverance.
Thank you, Forever!”
—Vicente Narvaez & Isidra Mendiola, sponsored by Jose Luis & Almacruz Montante
12 |
“We joined FLP in 2004 just to purchase the products for use, but the day we
started to work was May 20, 2008. First of all, we want to thank Rex Maughan
for giving us this great opportunity. We’d also like to thank Willie Hsu, our Regional Sales Director,
for his great training. We express our gratitude to Mui Ma, Kath Phung, Sylvie Tan & Hu Nhi for
always being there when we need their help. Finally, we’d like to thank our group for their support
to help us achieve this goal. Our favorite products are Aloe Vera Gel & Aloe Fleur de Jouvence.
Our future goal is to share FLP with everyone in the world, & to be able to improve their health.
Our secret to success is to never stop learning, be persistent & never give up!”
—Le Nguyen, sponsored by Nhi Huu Tran
“God has knocked on my door by putting in my path a Company as essential as FLP;
this has been a very valuable experience, filled with good things. I don’t have any special preference
for a particular product, because to me, they are all the best! In the coming years, I will do my best
so I can give back to Rex Maughan for harnessing this precious product [Aloe Vera]. Thank you to
my sponsors, María Teresa & Federico García, for the support & patience they have given me to
achieve this valuable step. Thank you to my small group, which soon will be a lot bigger with my
faith & joy!”
—Marina Garcia, sponsored by Maria Teresa & Federico Garcia
“We started with FLP eight years ago in the Philippines where we reached the Supervisor level. We
migrated to Canada four years ago with little intention to do the business. Along the way, we met
several friends with whom we shared the products. They later became our strong downlines. This
motivated us to work harder, bringing our position to the higher level of Managers. We credit the
strong upline support of Josie Viduya, who came to Canada & helped us build a bigger organization
here in British Columbia; also Flor & Willie Bueno, Ms. Loni Ramos & RSD Jack
Kotanko. It amazes us how the marketing plan works so that people are encouraged to support each
other to bring about success to everyone who works hard. Our favorite products are Aloe Vera Gel
& Arctic Sea. The purity & uniqueness is what sets them apart from the rest. It is our goal to
spread the good news to everyone. Mabuhay ka FLP! (Long live FLP!)”
—Alnita Deocariza & Daniel Boone Calud, sponsored by Nenita Albarracin & Aladino
Arroyo Deocariza
“We are very happy to be a part of FLP Products. It has been four months since we joined
the Company & our goal is that our Distributors become Managers. Thank you to Mr. Abelardo
& his wife, Concepción, for their great support, guidance & assistance. Our favorite products
are Aloe Vera Gel, Pomesteen Power & Forever Heat Lotion. The secret of our success is to love the
products & to invite more people to try them.”
—Juana & Raul Naranjo, sponsored by Abelardo Diaz & Ma Concepcion Pineda
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 13
assistant managers sponsored by
Managers, Assistant Managers & Supervisors July & August 2008
Managers sponsored by
14 |
Alla & Oleg Abramchuk
Gina O. & Isaac Baah
Amelita & Juvenvio Dizon Bernardo
Jorge Eduardo & Bridaine Quiabet Cardenas
Maria Guadalupe Cruz & Victor Manuel S & oval
Pedro Antonio & Martha Izabel Cruz
Zinaida Douchkina
Remedios & Roberto Garcia
Jaime Garcia Cordova & Sonia Monrroy Evaristo
Anna Gouchtchina
Mujibul Haque
Caritina Hurtado & Demetrio Trujillo
Jean & Rj Jose
Michelle Lai
Yue Sheng Li & Li Juan Su
Josefina Martinez
Marites C & Bayani C Mauricio
Janeth Guadalupe Mir & a Trujeque
Irma Montemayor
Veronica & Francisco Montes
Adriana Munoz
Syed Abdul Muttalib
Juana & Raul Naranjo
Johnny S. & Luz G. Nicar
Elena Nicholson
Elena Privedenyuk
Elena Privedenyuk
Vida Acquah & Sylvester Nti
Jean & Rj Jose
Pedro Antonio & Martha Izabel Cruz
Alicia & Ernesto Chavez
Samuel Ibrahan Torrez & Ana Yanira Rodriguez
Victoria & Aleksei Chernyak
Maricela Sanchez & Salvador Manzo
David Ruiz & Maricela Ruiz Benitez
Elena Nicholson
Syed Abdul Muttalib
Alicia & Ernesto Chavez
Tito Delgado & Edelita Margarita Apostol
Zong Wen Huang & Feng Guang Wu
Zheng Zeng
Leticia & Francisco Ornelas
Amelita & Juvenvio Dizon Bernardo
Karla Urbina Trujeque
Maria E & James A Corona
Juana & Raul Naranjo
Guadalupe Duran
Abdul Hoque & Helana Begum
Abelardo Diaz & Ma Concepcion Pineda
Reynaldo Damoso & Inocencia Bagongon Minierva
Zinaida Douchkina
Lina & Gen Velen
Lucila Alvarez Garcia & Antonio Garcia Sausedo
Silvano & Leticia Betancourt
Alnita Deocariza & Daniel Boone A. Calud
Maria E & James A Corona
Pedro Antonio & Martha Izabel Cruz
Gregorio & Marlen Cruz
Anna Czegledi
Guadalupe Duran
Marina Garcia
Jaime Garcia Cordova & Sonia Monrroy Evaristo
Maria Del Carmen Ibarra
Tatyana Kennberg
Reynaldo Damoso & Inocencia Bagongon Minierva
Ingrid Morataya
Joseph Muthaa Mwangi & Leah Wanjiru Muthaa
Juana & Raul Naranjo
Vicente Narvaez & Isidra Mendiola
Le Nguyen
Ignacia Ruiz
Hai-Ying Shen
Rosa Isela Torres
Lyubov & Vitaliy Trush
Karla Urbina Trujeque
Lina & Gen Velen
Maria Villalobos
Maria Betancourt & Alfredo Padilla
Nenita Albarracin & Aladino Arroyo Deocariza
Maria Zenaida & Julio Edwin Charchalac
Samuel Ibrahan Torrez & Ana Yanira Rodriguez
Andres Ignacio & Ludivina Rocha
Elizabeth Rakoczi
C & elaria Del Carme & Alvarino Cana Velasquez
Maria Teresa & Federico Garcia
David Ruiz & Maricela Ruiz Benitez
Jose Luis & Teresa Anzora
Viktoriya Nechyporenko & Igor Netchiporenko
Alnita Deocariza & Daniel Boone A. Calud
Judy H Penrod
Eric Kwadwo & Martha Boadi
Abelardo Diaz & Ma Concepcion Pineda
Jose Luis & Almacruz Montante
Nhi Huu Tran
Jose Luis & Guadalupe Herrera
Michael S Chyi & Sue Jane Chen
Noemi Martinez & Ricardo Lopez
Lyubov Solovyeva & Alex Solovyev
Maria Lilia Trujeque & Daniel Venegas B
Natalya & Peter Zablotsky Zablotsky
supervisors sponsored by
assistant managers (cont.) sponsored by
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 15
Juan Rivera & Sonia Lopez
Ignacia Ruiz
Fanghua Sheng
Jordan Stubbs
Zsolt Levente Tasnady
Vladimir & Svetlana Tiskiy
Rosa Isela Torres
Samuel Ibrahan Torrez & Ana Yanira Rodriguez
Marie-Louise Tumba
Ashley L White & William J Ruhe
Yu Zeng & Zimin Wei
Zheng Zeng
Nohemi & Alej & ro Ismael Cruz
Jose Luis & Guadalupe Herrera
Yu Zeng & Zimin Wei
Hai-Ying Shen
Anna Czegledi
Natalya & Peter Zablotsky Zablotsky
Noemi Martinez & Ricardo Lopez
Maria Guadalupe Ramirez & Procoro Suarez
Esperance Tshefu-Mwangawalo & Salumu Mudilo
Matthew Leach
Di Wu & Fan Zhang
Rena & Peter Wong
Alla & Oleg Abramchuk
Carmen Alvarez
Leticia Alvarez De Ubias
Ilona & Ryszard Andrzejewski
Juana & Eleodoro Anita
Jade Naz Ara
Gaudencia Arellano
Consuelo Arias
Betsy Au & Sam Wong
Isaac Yaw Baah
Maria A. Baeza & Javier Molina
Agnes Bagi
Larissa & Semion Bakman
Erzsebet Balassa
Maria Ramirez Bautista
Sarahi Beltran & Jesus Rosales
Amelita & Juvenvio Dizon Bernardo
Sam & Murray Brabender
Isabel C Bravo
Rosario Sanchez Cadeza & Concepcion Viveros Fuentes
Merari Bernanrdina Carcamo
Jorge Eduardo & Bridaine Quiabet Cardenas
Oreste Castillo Ramirez & Felicitas Ar & a
Yol & a & Nicolas Caudel
Rosete Venmei Chin & Mao Pack Chan
Reyna Chavez
Maria Guadalupe & Miguel Chavez
Li Ying Cheng
Kung Shan Cheng & Wan Tzu Huang
Alfredo Patrick Chin Chan
Noi Cooc
Santos Cruz Morales & Maria Pascuala De La Cruz
Gerald Owei Dariah
Nadezhda Denisevich
Maria Milagros Diaz
Viktoriya Dobrynina
Tina Doerksen
Elena Privedenyuk
Maria Rivera
Lucila Alvarez Garcia & Antonio Garcia Sausedo
Gabriella Gaspar
Caritina Hurtado & Demetrio Trujillo
Svetlana Philippova
Maria Betancourt & Alfredo Padilla
Ignacia Ruiz
Wei-Xin Liu & Xian Cheng Kong
Gina O. & Isaac Baah
Alej & ra Rodarte & Luis Dominguez
Laszlone most importantly os
Natalya I & Anatoly B Yakubchik
Zsolt Levente Tasnady
Marcos Francisco Maria & Antonio Marcos
Rosario Navarro
Jean & Rj Jose
Kay & Bill Devere-Burt
Sergio Miguel Godoy
Epigmenio Pimentel Flores & Dora Maria Chavez Carrillo
Angela M & Juan Mota
Pedro Antonio & Martha Izabel Cruz
Emilio P & Yol & a Ramirez
Elvira Ramos & Hector J Valdivia
Alfredo Patrick Chin Chan
Maria E Minerva & Edmundo Brigham
C & ida Lara Olguin & Salvador Chavez Gutierrez
Wai Wai & Pui Man Wong
Kuei-Mien & Chien Fu Chen
Katy Hui-Yu & John Cheng-Hsiung Lee
Bao Ngoc Kathy Phung & Cu Tieu Tony Huynh
Gregorio & Marlen Cruz
Matilda Onyi Nwukor
Lyubov & Vitaliy Trush
Silvano & Leticia Betancourt
Vladimir & Svetlana Tiskiy
Kathy & Eddy Kornelsen
super visors (con’t.) sponsored by
16 |
Siarhei & Tatsiana Drozd
Gloria Duarte
Raisa Dudenchenko
Kathryn Duvall
Ioulia Elmova & Dmitri Elmov
Carmen Escalante
Lilia Fern & ez
Maria Guadalupe Fierro
Patricia S Figueroa
Epigmenio Pimentel Flores & Dora Maria Chavez Carrillo
Andrea Flores
Alfeo Jr Gabuya & Geizel Gabvya
Joaquin Galindo & Francisca Morales
Yol & a Galvan
Miguelina Cherre & Juan Garcia
Remedios & Roberto Garcia
Ofelia Garcia
Jose Juan Ii Garza
Remedios Mendoza & Edwin Ureta Gomez
Victoria & Juan Gomez
Antalne Gonda
Susana Gonzalez
Leticia Gonzalez & Fidel Castillo
Aleks & ar & Tanja Gusev
Ana Gutierrez & Erasmo Mancinas
Bertha & Carlos E Gutierrez
Thinh An Ha
Linda He
Dora & Janos Herke
Xochil Hern & ez & Roberto Carlos Falcon
Tania Hern & ez
Dominga M Hern & ez
Alvin A. & Iva Hershberger
Ken Hou
Chi-Mei Hsu
Phuong Que Huynh & Hung Vinh Phung
Irma Ibarriola
Garcia Isabel & Jose Garcia
Lucia Jaramillo
Clementina Jimenes
Jean & Rj Jose
Nora Kilgore
Victoriya & Oleks & r Kovryga
Yuk Yin Kwok
Amelita D Labuguen
Pak Chee Lee & Kit Man Siu
Ling Yin & Gordon Lee
Darren Lee
Wei Li & Changlin Wang
Haochao Li
Wenzong Liu
Erix Lo
Marcos Francisco Maria & Antonio Marcos
Marisa Marin
Natasha Markelova
Anna Gouchtchina
Patricia Gutirrez
Natasha Markelova
Karen & Richard Dark
Margarita Barsky
Juaquin Eleuterio Navarro
Josue Castanon
Maria A. Baeza & Javier Molina
Yeraldin T Diaz
Calipso Rosa Angel Pimentel
Estela Albarran
Marites C & Bayani C Mauricio
Yadira Garfio
Rosa Isela Torres
Carmen Escalante
Maricela Sanchez & Salvador Manzo
Susana Gonzalez
Lillie & Maurice Romero
Johnny S. & Luz G. Nicar
Lucila Alvarez Garcia & Antonio Garcia Sausedo
Erzsebet Balassa
Jose Alberto Tellez Laurean
Juan Rivera & Sonia Lopez
Radmilo Anicic
Ignacia Ruiz
Maria Julia & Jose Adan Menendez
Le Nguyen
Wei Li & Changlin Wang
Rita Vass & Krisztian Szabo
Ivan Trejo & Silvia Chavez
Yadira Garfio
Maribel Romero & Maximino Gomez
Katie & John J. Miller
Darren Lee
Angela Li-Ping Wo & Thomas Andrew Boyd
Le Binh Jenny Huynh
Asuncion J & Serapia Vega
Maria Del Carmen Ibarra
Marisa Marin
Marco & Milagro Dubon
Tito Delgado & Edelita Margarita Apostol
Jaime A De Leon
Tatyana Kennberg
Frank Ym & Feng-Lian Hwang
Alex R & Annabel L Alegado
Yannie Yin Wah & John Tang
Pak Chee Lee & Kit Man Siu
Jennifer Chao & Wei-Lih Hsu
Yue Sheng Li & Li Juan Su
Fanghua Sheng
Haochao Li
Ken Hou
Bautista Vitalina
Esperanza Jaramillo
Irina Tkacheva
super visors (con’t.) sponsored by
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Maria Engracia Martin Orozco
Maria Martinez
Federico Martinez
Samai Martinez
Cecil Elago Mauricio
Margied B Medrano
Guillermo Mendez
Antonia Mendoza
Maria Mendoza De Prado
Oleg Mikhailov & Olga Mikhaylova
Paul H Miller
Maribel Montalvan & Juan Carlos Solis Ozuna
Veronica & Francisco Montes
Maria Moreno
Maria Esperanza Moreno
Ramiro Moreno & Jeny Pineda
Lorena Mosso
Sipriano Munoz
Marco Antonio Narvaez
Lana Ngo
Le Nguyen
Denis Nhem
Margarita Ocampo
Jose Olguin & Maria Del Refujio Sanchez
Mirtha Ortuno
S & ra Marcela Paiz
Jozselne Papp
Carolina R. Paredes
Maria Isabel Patricio
Olga Pavolotskaya
Francisca Yanira & Ever Adolfo Penado
Jesus Pernas & Eva Pernas Pina
Elena Persiiantsev & Arkadi Gurovich
Ericka Janet Pineda & Ernesto Jose Villalta
Gudelia Pineda
Maria Del Carmel & Mario Pinedo
Myron & Yaroslava Prystay
David A Raber
Brenda Ramirez
Anita Ramirez
Francisca Reyes
Marta Angelica Reyes Figueroa
Ana Rios & Carlos Martinez
Omar Rivera
Martin Rivera
Sonia Veronica Rodriguez & Luis Enrrique Guzman
Elvira Rodriguez
Gloria N Rodriguez & Henry E Gaitan
Maria D & Javier Rodriguez
Drusila & Orl & o Rojas
Maricela & Juan Romero
Rosemary & Tito D. Romero
Miguel Rosales
Martha Ruiz
Maria Montes & Jesus Saenz
Maria A. Baeza & Javier Molina
Asuncion J & Serapia Vega
Vicente Narvaez & Isidra Mendiola
Vicente Narvaez & Isidra Mendiola
Marites C & Bayani C Mauricio
Maricela Reynoso & Hilaria Banuelos
Maria A & Alej & ro Flores
Martha & Raul Perez
Celia Arrizon
Tatyana Kennberg
David A Raber
Amado Osorio & Vargas Teresa
Juana & Raul Naranjo
Marina Griselda Cifuentes
Maria Del Carmen Ibarra
Silvano & Leticia Betancourt
Gregorio & Marlen Cruz
Adriana Munoz
Vicente Narvaez & Isidra Mendiola
Le Nguyen
Nhi Huu Tran
Nhi Huu Tran
Sarahi Beltran & Jesus Rosales
Samuel Ibrahan Torrez & Ana Yanira Rodriguez
Alma Rosa Ortuno
Maria Guadalupe Cruz & Victor Manuel S & oval
Helena & Elek Molnar
Rosa Isela Torres
Remedios & Roberto Garcia
Tamara Karapetyan
Maria Bran
Nohemi Perea & Jesus Perez
Bela Chirkov & Vyacheslav Ogorodnikov
Yadira Ruiz
Maria Betancourt & Alfredo Padilla
Jose Luis & Guadalupe Herrera
Yaroslava & Myron Prystay
Katie & John J. Miller
Hortencia Barajas & Arm & o Cabrera
Yeimi Medina & Manuel Perez
Maricela & Juan Romero
Angela M & Juan Mota
Enrique & Zonia Espinosa
Juan Rivera & Sonia Lopez
Monica Romero & Carlos Silva
Marisol Corado Mejia
Francisca Recio & Manuel Ramirez
Marlene Albarran & Arm & o Mendez
Maria Contreras Torres
Angelina Hanks
Elvira M & Miguel A Duran
Lillie & Maurice Romero
Isabel & Carlos Monterroza
Edith & David Pina
Estella C. & Carlos M. Magallanes
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18 |
Maria Sanchez
Maria Guadalupe S & ovol & Rodolfo S & oval
Diaz Sanjuana
Ervin E & Christine E Schwartz
Florlinda Servito
Hai-Ying Shen
Zinaida & Nikolay Sidorenko
Paramjit Singh & Charanjit Kaur
Jesus & Camelia Siordio
Juvelinda Heralica Soto
Cornelia Stoin
Laura Tamayo & Carlos Razuri
Simon Tar
Irina Tkacheva
Maria Contreras Torres
Linh Tran & Khau Thau
Josefina & Horacio Trevino
Elain Eilith Troosh & Vadim Trush
Moses D. Troyer
Jorge Arm & o Trujeque
Ketty Ung & Sarim Kim
Ana Maria Valenzuela
Henrietta Varga
Rita Vass & Krisztian Szabo
Guillermo Vazquez & Alej & ra Martinez
Margarita & Jose Manuel Vazquez
Iveta Vicenova & Roman Martanovic
Alicia & Santos Villarreal
Marta & Manuel Villegas
Ava & Thu Vo
Jun Wei
Ashley L White & William J Ruhe
Angela Li-Ping Wo & Thomas Andrew Boyd
Ping Xie & Winston Ng
Xue Qiang Yang & Hong Yan Chao
Adrian M. & Verna M. Yoder
Mervin H. & Sara A. Yoder
Yow Men Yong & Rui Qun Su
Nadezhda & Iosif Zenchenko
Wei Zhang
Yang Hui Zheng & Xue Jun Wen
Yunjie Zhu
Vladimir Zlatogorov
Vilia Barreto & Conrrado Linares
Maria Teresa & Federico Garcia
Daniela Molina
Ervin & Katie Ann Schwartz
Joey A Marinas & Lerma F Riola
Michael S Chyi & Sue Jane Chen
Alla & Oleg Abramchuk
Amit Parmar
Victoria & Juan Gomez
Vilga Soto
Yannie Yin Wah & John Tang
Fanny H De Alana
Dalphine & Simon Tar
Elena Arushanova
Estela Patino Soto
Ha The Tang & Hoa Gia Trinh
Alma & Hector Muro
Lyubov & Vitaliy Trush
Levi & Esther Nisley
Karla Urbina Trujeque
Denis Nhem
Marco & Milagro Dubon
Jozselne Papp
Norbert Varga
Nohemi & Alej & ro Ismael Cruz
Isabel C Bravo
Anna Gouchtchina
Maria Del Carmen & Juan Gerardo Reyes
Ivan Trejo & Silvia Chavez
Lien Cam Thi & Dang Anh Nguyen
Wenzong Liu
Matthew Leach
Kung Shan Cheng & Wan Tzu Huang
Yunjie Zhu
Longzhao Zhang & Yan Shen
Mervin A. & Sara A. Yoder
Paul H Miller
Luc Muoi Ly
Zinaida & Nikolay Sidorenko
Zong Wen Huang & Feng Guang Wu
Yue Sheng Li & Li Juan Su
Di Wu & Fan Zhang
Bela Chirkov & Vyacheslav Ogorodnikov
Sonya Training in Scottsdale, Arizona
Sixteen Distributors from Nigeria & Benin Republic
attended a special Sonya Training which took place at the
Home Office in Scottsdale, Arizona, on August 5, 2008.
Apart from the excitement of having this training on the 30th
Anniversary of the company, the one-day special training
turned out to be an eye-opener for all of the trainees on the
various ways the Sonya Colour Collection can be applied.
Furthermore, the training & demonstration of the Sonya
Skin Care Collection was timely, as these products are just
about to be marketed in Nigeria & the Benin Republic.
The participants, including two male Distributors, were
all impressed & gained a lot from the training. The general
feeling of the participants was that they all learned invaluable
insights on the ingredients, uses & application of the new
skin care products. They believe their new knowledge will
help ensure the acceptability of the products when available in
Nigeria & the Benin Republic later this year.
Many of the participants were reassured that Sonya products
are generally suitable for African women, & were especially
impressed with the Sonya Skin Care Kit. All participants felt
that the Aloe Nourishing Serum is an amazing product, &
they cannot wait to start using & selling it in both countries.
So pleased were all the attendees, that everyone forgot the jetlag
from 16 hours of flying from Africa to Scottsdale! And it was
fun as participants made each other up to look good for the
group photograph. I noticed on the day after the training that
all the ladies who attended the Sonya training were beautifully
made up! And this was noticed throughout the Rally!
I speak for all participants when I say that we were all extremely
happy with the training. We were also anxious to introduce the
new Sonya Skin Care Collection products & teach our people
the various ways of applying the Sonya Colour Collection
products to look & feel more beautiful!
We are grateful to Cynthia & Donna, who conducted the
training! We are proud of the 16 participants, & I have no
doubt in my mind that they will be worthy Sonya “ambassadors”
from now on!
—Caroline Tay, Managing Director, Nigeria/Benin
Sonya Training in Scottsdale, Arizona
It was with much excitement that, together with some
Distributors from Senegal, Kenya & Mauritania, I attended
the Sonya Training at the Home Office. Oh, what an experience!
As women, we all love to look good, but believe me,
Sonya products add a special touch to our beauty. All you
need to know is how to use the Sonya Skin Care Kit & then
apply your make-up over it correctly. This is exactly what
we learned in Arizona, & I have now become very confident
about my make-overs. This is going to help me & the
Cameroonian Distributors boost our business, too. Thanks to
Donna & Cynthia for their expertise. Special thanks to Rex
for his contribution to improving the looks of 21st Century
ladies through the Sonya Colour Collection!
—Vivian Tabod, Managing Director, Cameroon
Home Off ice Sonya Trainings
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 19
Sc & inavia
Sonya Training in Scottsdale, Arizona
On the 10th of August, a team of 16 Managers from
Sc & inavia were privileged to participate in a 7-hour Sonya
Clinic at the head office in Arizona. We were in the good
Hand of Donna Levy & Cynthia Hampton, who gave us
an unforgettable training day & finished by giving us, the
first Sc & inavians, certificates as Sonya trainers!
Donna & Cynthia had been working very hard the whole
week of Rally. When they could finally rest & be with their
families, they instead said ‘yes’ to spending all day Sunday
with us, giving us their time & attention; for this we are
very thankful. The commitment they demonstrated &
their huge competence was really apparent. It proved to us
that not only do we have the best products, but we also have
the best staff!
Thanks to Donna & Cynthia for a super day & for
sharing their knowledge with us!
—Kim Madsen, 7,500cc Achiever, Top Distributor in
Denmark & Diamond Sapphire Manager
San Diego, california
Sonya Training in Scottsdale, Arizona
On September 4-5, an enthusiastic group of Distributors from the San Diego
area traveled to the beautiful headquarters of FLP in Scottsdale to receive
professional training under the leadership of Cynthia Hampton & Donna
Levy. The Sonya Academy was a beautiful experience for everyone who
attended because we got to know more about the great quality of the products,
some application ideas & how to encourage the Sonya Skin Care Kit &
Colour Collection. In addition, we learned the essential tools to build new
groups that can develop our business using the beauty products, which will
ultimately allow us to increase our sales. With this training we feel more confident
& have the support of our wonderful Sonya products, which are
truly unique.
Thank you, Cynthia & Donna, for your knowledge & your kindness.
Thank you to Rex Maughan & to everyone who makes it
possible for us to enjoy this continued support in order to develop our
—Maricruz Tomola, RSD Area 019, San Diego, CA
20 |
New York Event
An outst & ing two-day event took
place in Brooklyn, NY, in May. The
first day we had a Managers meeting
with our VP, Carl Z & er, & then we
exp & ed the meeting to include the
Supervisor levels & above. We talked
about our plans & goals for 2008 &
celebrated FLP’s 30th birthday with tea
& cake.
On the second day, 118 Distributors
from NY & NJ got together looking for knowledge, expertise
& inspiration! It was an exciting event, full of joy & motivation.
The event began with a Business
Essentials Training by Carl Z & er. It was
a great presentation! Carl motivated many
Distributors to attend the International
Super Rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Thank you
very much Carl, for your time & efforts!
A great group of FLP entrepreneurs attended
this meeting, including one who came all
the way from Senegal, Africa – Malick Diop.
Others joined us from Washington, DC,
however RSD John Manzanero & Manager
James Freeman came from Pennsylvania.
Thank you all for being with us!
We recognized the new Assistant Supervisors, Supervisors &
Assistant Managers. Congratulations to those who achieved their
goals! Special congratulations to new Managers from New Jersey,
Natalya & Anatoly Yakubchik, & Firaya & Igor Skorobogatko;
& new Manager from Brooklyn, Anita Francsovics. These new
Managers shared with us their knowledge & leadership in the FLP
business. There was a lot of information, motivation, presents, delicious
food, an FLP birthday cake & the Gr & Prize was a laptop!
(cont. on next page)
US/Canada Events
Sonya Skin Care Training
In July we held two trainings in Arkansas for the Sonya
Skin Care Collection. During these events, a great group
of Distributors learned techniques on how to use the
Sonya Collection. One group received their training in
Springdale & the other group in Russellville. We want
to thank all of the Distributors who participated for their
cooperation: Paola H., Francis H., Cony T., Alicia Ch.,
Rosa G., & Hortencia C.
—Vicenta & Alej & ro Gomez, RSDs Area 061, Rogers, AK
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 21
New York Training Event
August is a very special month for all FLP Distributors. We
feel excited about the International Super Rally because it is
an admirable opportunity to meet successful Distributors from
around the world. This year we celebrated the 30th anniversary
of our unique company, FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS.
Many, many happy returns to you, FLP!
On August 17 we held two wonderful meetings: one for
Russian-speaking Distributors & one for the Hungarian-
American group. The Hungarian-American group had a
chance to meet their very successful sponsors from Hungary,
Marika & Zsolt Rozsahegyi. The Distributors had a very
productive training session in which their Sponsors shared with them their priceless
knowledge & their 11 years of experience in the FLP business.
The sponsors of the Russian-speaking team, Anna & Nikolay Bouravtsev from
Israel, & the sponsors of our new group of Russian-speaking Distributors, Mikhail
& Tatyana Nazarov, were happy to meet their teams from New York & New Jersey.
Mikhail & Tatyana shared many interesting product testimonials about how FLP
products help people to be healthy & happy.
During both meetings, we recognized new Assistant Supervisors, Supervisors, &
Assistant Managers. Congratulations to all – we had such a great time! Thank
you to our sponsors & friends. We will see you again in Dallas!
—Alex Tunitsky, RSD Area 558, Brooklyn, NY & Boris Mezheritsky, ASM
Area 557, Rockaway, NJ
Congratulations to Hungarian Supervisor Hanna most importantly os Laszlone for winning this
prize – no doubt she will improve her FLP business with her new laptop!
We want to thank everyone in attendance for their participation & enthusiasm,
which made the success of this event possible. Special thanks to all the volunteers who
helped to make this event so exciting. Thanks to all the hard-working NY & NJ
Distributors – we are proud of you! By working together, we will achieve more. Yes, we
are the TEAM!
—Alex Tunitsky, RSD Area 558, Brooklyn, NY & Boris Mezheritsky, ASM Area
557, Rockaway, NJ
22 |
“I am very excited about the challenges of this new venture, & I look forward to meeting &
working with all the exciting people in my area. I have a background of 30 years in sales &
director positions, & I’ve excelled in developing great business relationships with thous & of
clients & Distributors. Now with my new position at FLP, I am excited to take this knowledge
& work to create new relationships with all of you.
My first goal as RSD for FLP Products is to get to know each & every Distributor. I
am extremely dedicated to creating mutually beneficial relationships & offering any support you
may need. I am confident that this will be an awesome venture for all of us. I will be calling all
of you to introduce myself & to take care of anything you may need.”
—George Salinas, RSD: Area 611, Riverside, CA
FLP Products Welcomes Our New RSD in Riverside, CA!
Houston Training Event
On the 27th of August we held our quarterly Rally in the
Houston area. David Anderson, our VP, was in attendance. He
gave us a message of motivation & personal improvement,
inviting those who were present for the first time to pay attention
to the greatest opportunity in the world, which was in front
of them that very night!
It was a fabulous recognition night with many displays of
emotion. We opened the curtain & the main players of the
event appeared to receive recognition for their hard work &
for achieving the positions where they are now. We recognized
Managers María de la Luz Reyna, Rosa Isela Tórres, Leticia
& Silvano Betancourt, & María Esther & James Corona.
The winners of the Earned Incentive Award were Marlene &
Arm & o Albarran & María & Silvano Betancourt.
To entertain this group for all of their hard work, we had the
Mariachi “Tenampa;” they played a variety of cheerful songs
which helped us to conclude this fabulous event.
For the gr & finale we held a raffle for the Distributors &
their guests. What a great night – a night to remember Forever!
We want to thank the area Managers for their participation &
support, & for arriving early so this
event could be held successfully.
—Robin & Aracely Carrillo, RSDs:
Area 616, Houston, TX
Member Highlight
“Although I have not been working for FLP very long, I have been here long enough
to learn about the wonderful & immense amount of opportunities & products it has to offer,
speaking as both an employee & a customer. The people who work here are great therefore,
nothing short of goodness can be expected from them. People have been an essential element in
the company’s success, & they are the reason for an even bigger & brighter future for FLP!”
—Susie Martinez, Distributor Support
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 23
5 Year Employee
“I feel so blessed to have the opportunities that I do working for Forever Resorts. The past five
years have been filled with travel, challenging work & new life experiences. I would like to
thank Don Wallace, Senior Vice President of Retail, for his leadership, kindness & vision for
what retail can be—all of which make coming to work not feel like work at all. I would also
like to express my appreciation to Rex for his passion for people & his generous spirit, which
exemplify a true leader.”
—Abriel Young, Retail Operations Specialist, Resorts
15 Year Employee
“Thank you, Rex, & my FLP family from all over the world, for a great 15 years! I truly
believe the next 15 years will be even better. I feel very lucky to work with great products, a great
company & , especially, great Distributors! How fast time flies when you are having fun! From
my family & me, a great big ‘thanks’ for 15 great years!”
—Carl Z & er, Vice President of Sales Development, Northern
Home Office emplo yee anniversaries
“It´s a great pleasure to represent the interests of FLP in Colombia & have the opportunity
to manage, train & motivate the people of this great nation. Colombians have an international
reputation of being hard workers, passionate & very happy therefore, I am completely
sure that we will be a surprise in coming months. We have designed a plan to succeed & to
participate in the upcoming rallies, so there is a lot of work ahead & no one is going to stop
us. I like to be around people who are enthusiastic & empowered, & we have been able to
be with these types of people.
Before becoming a Country Manager I was a public speaker, motivator & a sales trainer.
Because of my experience, my main interest & challenge is to put into practice that knowledge
& convert it into sales & good management. I am open to receiving ideas on how to do my
job more efficiently, so if you have any, don’t hesitate to contact me. My best regards to all.”
—José Holmer Torres Cardona, New Managing Director for FLP Colombia
Philosophy of Tom Hsiao, New Managing Director for FLP Taiwan:
Be full of winning spirit.
Be creative.
Challenge the status quo.
Open discussion & debate are encouraged.
Always respect people.
There should be no political focus on the issues.
Show cooperation & teamwork.
Be dedicated.
Work smart, work hard, & play hard.
Include measurement & accountability in the steps to better performance.
FLP Products Welcomes
Two New Managing Directors !
24 |
Soft Opening of New Office
The 13th of September 2008 marked the opening of the FLP
Products Cambodia office located in the heart of the capital city, Phnom
Penh. Although this rented premise is well designed, much preparation
was still needed for the day, namely signage & office layout, invitations,
a program of events & obtaining products for sampling & sales. For
that, we have to thank our counterpart in Vietnam, Managing Director
Ms. Nhi & her team, for making this all possible.
All in all, it was a glorious day to remember. Despite this being the
Monsoon season, we enjoyed beautifully dry, cool weather. We also had
a good turnout of about 100 people – all squeezing into a room designed
for only about 70. And the products all arrived on time for display &
sales, lending to a successful event. But most essentially of all, our
very dear founder & CEO Rex Maughan was present to champion
this event.
The company, products, marketing plan, & several testimonies
were shared. Necks were stretched, ears perked,
& eyes glued to what this new company in Cambodia
is about & the exciting products & opportunities
it offers.
Cambodia is an emerging economy coming out of a long
period of war, turmoil & instability over a period of
more than 25 years. It has, only over the last five years,
seen a surge in economic growth primarily from the confidence
built over two very successful & peaceful national
elections. Before, people were just trying to survive but
because people are getting relatively richer, they are also generally more
concerned with building their wealth & preserving their health. The
opening has thus created a lot of buzz & interest for the rich & poor,
healthy & sick alike. It is indeed a good time for FLP to open its doors
in Cambodia. There were even some Cambodians now living in places
like Canada & the US who made a special trip to support our opening
& to sponsor new Distributors.
Many people have have signed up as Distributors & started buying
products to try. Since the opening, the office has seen a good stream of
visitors & continues to hold many presentations & trainings. We are
thankful to Rex for bringing FLP to Cambodia. Many here do not yet
know what FLP can do for them both healthwise & wealthwise… but
they soon will!
(Special thanks to Kevin Lowe, Country Manager for contributing to this
International Events
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 25
To celebrate FLP’s 30th anniversary, this year’s rally was held
over two days. The first day included a Sonya dinner &
show where the new Mini-Palettes were launched, however the
Recognition Rally was held on the following day.
Over 200 Distributors & guests gathered at the EEST
Restaurant for a night of fun-filled excitement, singing &
dancing on the first day. The highlight of the evening was the
launching of the new Sonya Mini-Palettes. Eight beautiful
models wearing lovely traditional Chinese costumes &
made-up from our Sonya Colour Collection, paraded the works
of art of our very own Distributor-makeup artists. Everyone,
including the hotel guests, were captivated by the quality of the
show. More than 500 sets of the Mini-Palettes were sold on that
evening alone!
On the second day, there were about 2,000 Distributors at
the Recognition Rally. Rex gave a nostalgic & inspiring
presentation on Forever’s achievements over the past 30 years.
He also gave everyone a sneak peek into what the future holds
as we set our goals to contribute towards achieving US$3
billion in worldwide sales. Kuantan Business Center won
the Most Improved Sales & the Overall Best Business
Center Awards. The Top Sales Business Center Award went to
Johor Baru, however the All Year Team Spirit Award went to Team
KL from Kuala Lumpur.
The Top Distributor Awards were won by Diamond Sapphire
Managers Tom & Jacqueline Tong & Senior Manager Sharon
Yeo. Congratulations to all!
(Special thanks to C.G. & Jenny Tan, Country Managers, for
contributing to this article.)
26 |
Success Day
On September 10 & 11, FLP Greece welcomed with
great pride & joy two most distinguished guests,
Aidan O’Hare, Vice President of European Operations,
& Peter Lenmain, Director of Operations Europe.
After a short tour of our office facilities in Athens
& Thessaloniki, they both gave very inspiring &
motivating speeches to an enthusiastic crowd, revealing
the secret of success – prioritize your life & make room
for all of the things that really matter! We thank Aidan
& Peter for their support & guidance, & we hope
they will come again soon!
(Special thanks to Paul Vittoroulis, Country Manager, &
Michael Vittoroulis for contributing to this article.)
thail &
International Thai Rally
The ‘International Thai Rally’ is an annual
event held each September. This year’s Rally
was in commemoration of our 23rd anniversary
when we formally established FLP
Products Thail & Co. Ltd. in 1985. The Rally
also included our annual ‘Miss Forever’ beauty
pageant. During the World Rally this past
April, the Miss Forever Thail & World Rally
contestants wore native dresses, so we decided
to do something different by holding our first
evening gown beauty pageant. The judges were chosen from the executive
ranks of FLP Thail & & included our honorary guest, Rex
Maughan. The winner of Miss Forever Thail & 2008 was Miss Walanchaiya
We hold three rallies a year, & our rally in the autumn is the largest one
by far (termed ‘Success Days International’.) About 6,000 people attended
the rally which started at 6 pm & ended at 3 am! Overall, it was a very
successful sales night
& an exciting rally!
Our special thanks to
Rex for being with us.
(Special thanks to
Peter Pongwattana,
Country Manager, &
Joshua Pongwattana,
for contributing to this
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 27
Company Policy Updates
Effective Immediately
Bonus buying is strictly prohibited. “Bonus
Buying” includes: (a) the enrollment of individuals
without the knowledge of & /or execution of
an Independent Distributor Application &
Agreement by such individuals; (b) the fraudulent
enrollment of an individual as a Distributor; (c) the
enrollment or attempted enrollment of non-existent
individuals as Distributor or Customer (“phantoms”)
to qualify for commissions or bonuses; (f )
any other mechanism by which strategic purchases
are made to maximize commissions or bonuses when
a Distributor does not have a bona fide use for the products purchased.
14.1.6 In the event that the downlines of a Distributor sponsor into
a foreign country & they have not previously been sponsored into that
country, the Distributor will be automatically sponsored into that foreign
country & agree to the prevailing policies & local laws of that foreign
country & agree to be bound by the dispute resolution policies set forth
14.2.8 FLP Distributors must not disparage other Distributors, FLP’s
products/services, the Marketing & Compensation Plan, or FLP’s
employees to other Distributors or third-parties. Any questions, suggestions
or comments regarding these issues should be directed in writing to
FLP’s corporate offices only. Distributors shall not make claims as to the therapeutic, safety
or curative properties of the products. Only such statements or claims
that are officially approved by FLP or are as haveed in the official FLP
literature may be made or used. No Distributor may make any claims
that FLP products are useful in the treatment, prevention, diagnosis or
cure of any disease. Medical claims regarding FLP products are strictly
prohibited. Distributors should recommend to any customer who is
currently under a physician’s care or any medical treatment, that they
seek the advice of their healthcare provider before altering their nutritional
regimen. Unless FLP’s prior written approval is obtained, projections of
income earnings & powerfulially misleading income representations are
strictly prohibited. The financial success of a Distributor depends entirely
upon that Distributor’s individual effort, dedication, & the training
& supervision the Distributor provides to his or her downline & FLP
14.4.2 Participating in the international sponsoring program is a
privilege that gives each Distributor the chance to benefit from FLP’s
international network of companies. The international sponsoring
program is monitored from FLP’s home office in Maricopa County,
Arizona. A Distributor participating in the international sponsoring
program agrees & consents to any disputes arising out of or relating
to the Distributor relationship or FLP products, involving any of the
FLP affiliated companies, shall be resolved through binding arbitration
in Maricopa County, Arizona, pursuant to FLP-US & FLP
Products International, Inc.’s current dispute resolution policies as set
forth above & stated on FLP’s home office website at www.foreverliving.
com. inheritable Distributorship position within the Company
Marketing Plan is limited to recognition at no higher than that of
Manager. However, bonuses shall be paid at the same levels & requirements
as held by the deceased. Distributorship positions below Manager
shall be inherited at that level.
Each FLP Independent Distributor will be offered the opportunity
to purchase an FLP approved Independent Distributor website for
marketing products online using a direct link to FLP’s internet shopping
website at & its My FLP Biz. Online orders will
be fulfilled directly by FLP on this website. This internet link is arranged
so that the FLP pages will remain within the Independent Distributor’s
website. The guests virtually never leave the Distributor’s website. In
order to maintain the integrity of FLP’s br & name, product line &
the Distributor/Customer relationship, Distributors may not sell any FLP
br & products online through their independent website. FLP marketing
or promotional materials, that have not received written approval from
an authorized FLP source, cannot be used or sold by FLP Distributors.
E-Commerce sales can only be made directly by or through a link to
the official FLP website at & its My FLP Biz
functionality. Sales of products through online marketing media, online
malls, or auction sites, such as, but not limited to eBay or,
are prohibited. Distributors may not sell FLP products to anyone for
the purpose of resale nor entrust others to sell FLP products. Company
approved independent FLP Distributor websites will be allowed for
marketing & promotion, but not for E-Commerce sales of products or
sponsoring of Distributors.
Independent FLP Distributor websites marketing & promoting FLP
products or FLP’s business opportunity, without online sales or sponsoring,
will be permitted so long as they comply with or are modified to
comply with FLP Company Policies.
Sponsoring Distributors online via an electronic signature application or
online form is not permitted outside of the direct application or link to
the official FLP website at
Distributors may not use the name “FLP Products” or any of its
trademarks, trade names, product names, domain name (URL) or copy
or use any FLP materials from any source that may result in misleading or
confusing the user into thinking the Distributor’s website is that of FLP
or any of its official affiliates. FLP product names are strictly proprietary
to FLP & cannot be used by any Distributor as a sponsored link or for
any other unauthorized use. Individual FLP Distributor websites must
clearly indicate that it represents an independent FLP Distributor who is
not an agent of the FLP company or any of its worldwide affiliates.
Distributors must link their websites to FLP’s official website created &
maintained by FLP at
All independent FLP Distributor websites must reflect & connect only
to companies or products that carry the FLP label & be of good moral
Independent FLP Distributor websites that have been approved by FLP,
or are as part of an online banner or display ads that conform to FLP’s
advertising guidelines & have been approved by FLP will be allowed.
Online banners or display ads must be submitted to FLP for approval
Updates & Information
28 |
85258 U.S.A.
Reorder #10009
prior to posting online & must link a user to the Company website
or an independent FLP Distributor website that has been approved by
FLP. All electronic advertising is subject to & controlled by the FLP
Company Policies relating to advertising & promotional guidelines.
If a Distributor has questions about or believes any errors have been
made regarding bonuses, downline activity reports, charges, or changes,
the Distributor must notify FLP within sixty (60) days of the date of the
purported error or incident in question. FLP is not responsible for any
errors, omissions or problems not reported within sixty (60) days.
Downline reports & all other reports & genealogical information,
including, but not limited to, downline sales organization information
& commission recap statements, are private, proprietary & confidential
to FLP.
Every Independent Distributor who is provided with such information
must treat it as private & confidential & take care to maintain its
secrecy & refrain from making any use thereof for any purpose other
than the management of his or her downline sales organization.
As a result of your FLP Distributorship, you may have access to private
& Confidential Information which you acknowledge to be proprietary,
highly sensitive & valuable to FLP’s business & is being made to you
solely & exclusively for purposes of furthering the sale of FLP products
& prospecting, training & sponsorship of third parties who may
desire to become FLP Independent Distributors & to further build &
encourage your FLP business.
“Trade Secret” or “Confidential Information” shall also mean information,
including a formula, pattern, compilation, program, device,
method, technique or process, that:
1. derives independent economic value, actual or powerfulial, from
not being generally known to other persons who can obtain economic
value from its disclosure or use; &
2. is the subject of efforts that are reasonable under the circumstances
to maintain its secrecy.
1. Whenever FLP makes available to the Independent FLP
Distributor information, it shall be for the sole purpose of conducting
FLP business.
2. Distributor shall not use, disclose, duplicate or otherwise make
any Trade Secret or Confidential Information available to anyone other
than FLP Independent Distributors, without the prior written consent
of FLP.
3. Distributor shall not directly or indirectly use, capitalize upon
or exploit any Trade Secret or Confidential Information for its own
benefit, or for the benefit of anyone else, other than for the purpose of
conducting its business for FLP.
4. Distributor shall maintain the confidentiality & security of
the Trade Secret & Confidential Information in its possession & to
protect against disclosure, misuse, misappropriation or any other action
inconsistent with FLP’s rights.
In consideration to FLP for the receipt of Trade Secret or Confidential
Information, the Distributor inherently agrees that for the term of the
FLP Distributorship, Distributor shall not take or encourage any action,
the purpose or effect of which would be to circumvent, breach, interfere
with or diminish the value or benefit of FLP’s contractual relationships
with any FLP Distributor. Without limiting the generality of the
foregoing, for the term of the Distributorship, Distributor agrees not
to directly or indirectly, contact, solicit, persuade, enroll, sponsor or
accept any FLP Distributor, FLP customer or anyone who has been an
FLP Distributor or Customer for the last twelve (12) months, into, or
to encourage any such person in any way to encourage, opportunities in
marketing programs of any direct sales company other than FLP.
14.13 TERM
The agreements haveed in the “Confidential Information” section of
these policies shall remain forever & in perpetuity. The agreements
haveed in the “Further Restrictive Covenants” section of these policies
shall remain in full force & effect during the term of the previously
executed Distributorship Agreement between FLP & the Distributor,
& thereafter until the later of one (1) year from the latest receipt of any
Confidential Information or twelve (12) months after the expiration &
termination of such Distributorship Agreement.
The name “FLP Products” & symbols of FLP & other
names as may be adopted by FLP including FLP Product names are
proprietary trade names & /or trademarks of the Company.
Each Distributor is hereby licensed by FLP to use FLP’s registered trademarks,
service marks, & other marks (hereinafter collectively referred
to as “Marks”), in conjunction with the performance of the Distributor
duties & obligations under the Distributorship Agreement & the
corresponding policies & procedures. All Marks are & shall remain
the exclusive property of “FLP”. The Marks may only be used as authorized
by the Distributor Agreement & the FLP’s corresponding policies
& procedures. The license granted herein shall be effective only as long
as the Distributor is in good st & ing & in full compliance with the
FLP’s policies & procedures. However, it is prohibited for a Distributor
to claim any ownership of FLP’s Marks (i.e., registering for a domain
name using the name “FLP”, “FLP”, or any other FLP Mark in
any way, shape or form) unless it has been approved in writing by FLP.
These Marks are of great value to FLP & are supplied to each
Distributor for each Distributor’s use in an expressly authorized manner
only. Distributors are not to advertise FLP products in any way other
than through the advertising or promotional materials made available to
Distributors by FLP & materials pre-approved by an authorized officer
of FLP. Distributors agree not to use any written, printed, recorded or
any other material in advertising, promoting or describing the product
or FLP marketing program, or in any other manner, any material which
has not been copyrighted & supplied by FLP, unless such material has
been submitted to FLP & approved in writing by FLP before being
disseminated, published or displayed. FLP Distributors hereby agree to
make no disparaging representations about FLP, the products, the FLP
compensation plan or income powerfulials.
An FLP Distributor may develop his or her own marketing techniques,
so long as they are not in violation of any Company, state, federal or
jurisdictional rules, regulations or statutes. Unless the Company’s prior
written approval is received, the use, production or sale of any sales aid or
materials, other than those provided by or approved in writing by FLP to
other FLP Distributors for use in promoting FLP products, is prohibited.
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 29
Opportunity & Product Meetings
Juntas de Oportunidad y Producto
Product Centers & Meeting Locations
(unless otherwise specified)
Centros de Producto & Lugar de Reuniones
(a menos que se especifique lo contrario)
Special Meetings
Juntas Especiales
To order product in this area, log-on to or call us at 1-888-440-ALOE(2563).
Para ordenar produto en esta área, conéctese a o llámenos al 1-888-440-ALOE(2563).
Mathew Rollins – RSD 613
Tempe*, Arizona
Tel: (480) 242 -4837 Fax: (480) 968-4989
English: 1st Friday of each month (please call for location)
Español (oportunidad): Cada jueves, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
2406 S. 24th St. Phoenix, AZ 85034
Español (oportunidad): 1er miércoles de cada mes
Quality Inn, 711 E. 32nd St, Yuma, AZ 85365
Vicenta & Alej & ro Gomez – RSD 061
1630 S. 8th St., Suite 7, Rogers*, Arkansas 72756
Tel: (479) 880-6638 Cell: (479) 880-6638 or (479) 229-5258
Español: Cada lunes, 6 – 8 p.m.
Español: Cada jueves, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. y 6 – 8 p.m.
Oficina FLP, 1000 Sgnmeldyna Ln, Springdale, AR 72764
Español (producto): 2do y 3er viernes del mes, 5:30 p.m.
600 Poplar #38, Clarksville
Enrique & Zonia Espinosa – RSD 612
7291 Garden Grove Blvd #J, Orange County*, California
Cell Phone: (714) 234-5583 Office: (714) 889-4090
Español (oportunidad): Cada lunes, 7 p.m.
Español (Sonya Colour Collection y Faciales):
Cada martes, 11 a.m.
Español (oportunidad): Cada sábado,
“ Vistase de Negocio”, 11 a.m.
English: Every 3rd Sat of each month, 6 p.m.
Edith Piña – ASM 475
Bakersfield*, California 93305
Tel: (661) 323-6484 email:
Maria Lilia Trujeque & Daniel Vanegas – ASM 565
Indio*, California 92201
Tel: (760) 393-6030
Español (negocio): 1er miércoles de cada mes: 6:30 p.m.
Español (producto): 2o miércoles de cada mes: 6:30 p.m.
Junta de Gerentes – Español:
2o y 3er lunes del mes, 8 p.m. – 9:45 p.m.
Kings Inn Hotel, 154 E. Aspen Ln. Russelville, AR
Entrenamiento de Éxito – Español: 3er miércoles
de cada mes: 6:30 p.m.
Clases de Internet – Español:
1 y 3 martes de cada mes, 1 p.m. (favor de traer libreta
para notas)
Como Hacer Demostraciones – Español: Cada
miércoles, 7 p.m.
Clase de Supervisores y Más – Español: 1 y 3
jueves de cada mes, 7 p.m.
Product Center Location
Harold “Charlie” & Jo Childs – ASM 624
1715-B South Ragosa Circle, Mountain Rose Estates
Palmer, Alaska 99645
Tel: (907) 745-3475
Willie & Johnnye Tucker – ASM 449
Montgomery*, Alabama 36110
Tel: (334) 265-4243 Fax: (334) 356-1583
Ignacio Medina – ASM 523
1304 Walters Street, Orl & , California 95963
Tel: (530) 865-4368 Cell: (530)680-3881
Español: Cada martes, 10 a.m.
Yadira Ruiz – RSD 484
20 Loorz Court, Sacramento*, California 95823
Tel: (916) 392-4216 Fax: (916) 395-2602
English: Every Monday, 5 – 7 p.m.
La Quinta Inn, 200 Jibboom St. Sacramento, CA 95814
Español: Cada Lunes: 7 – 9 p.m.
La Quinta Inn, 200 Jibboom St. Sacramento, CA 95814
Russian: 1st Tues of each month, 6 – 8 p.m.
La Quinta Inn, 200 Jibboom St. Sacramento, CA 95814
Guadalupe Contreras – ASM 574
Modesto*, California 95823
Tel: (209) 869-5496
George Salinas – RSD 611
Riverside, California
Tel: (951) 941-4929
English: Every 2nd Wednesday of the month &
every last Wednesday of each month
Español: Cada 2o miercoles del mes y
cada ultimo miercoles del mes
Sacramento Rally & Recognitions
Thursday, Nov 18th at 7 p.m.
La Quinta Inn, 200 Jibboom St
Sacramento,CA 95814
with special guest Regional Vice
President, Carl Z & er
Note: If you are unable to locate a Product Center in your area, please call
1-888-440-ALOE(2563), or you may log on to to order product.
All warehouses & Product Centers are closed the first business day of the month for
month-end processing, to ensure that distributors’ bonus checks are sent on time.
RSD = Regional Sales Director ASM = Area Sales Manager
Business & Meeting Schedule
30 |
Special Meetings
(Juntas Especiales)
Opportunity & Product Meetings
(Juntas de Oportunidad y Producto)
Product Centers & Meeting Locations
(unless otherwise specified)
To order product in this area, log-on to or call us at 1-888-440-ALOE(2563).
Para ordenar produto en esta área, conéctese a o llámenos al 1-888-440-ALOE(2563). *
Cesar & Mabel Viana-Teague – RSD 625
San Francisco, California
Cell: (415) 724-3896
Rick & Kim Nitta – RSD 610
Los Angeles, California
Tel: (562) 944-9977 Fax: (562) 944-6668
Product Center Location
Mike Rothman – Office Manager
10606 Shoemaker Ave., Suite #B,
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670-4071
Tel: (562) 906-2141 Fax: (562) 906-0418
Hours: Mon thru Thurs, 11 a.m.- 7 p.m., Fri 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.,
Sat 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., CLOSED Sun
Español: Cada martes, 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
English: Every Thurs, 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
All meetings held at (Todas las juntas se llevarán a cabo en
la dirección aquí):
10721 Norwalk Blvd., Norwalk, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Margarita Lopez – RSD 548
1633 Devonshire Way, Salinas*, California 93906
Tel: (831) 449-3530 Mobile: (831) 229-7510
Español: Cada miercoles a las 7 p.m.
Good Nite Inn, 545 Work Street
Salinas, CA 93901
Español: Cada quince dias
Holiday Inn Express Hotel, 1855 Main St.
Watsonville, CA 95076
Español: Una vez al mes
Centanary Park, 600 Nickerson Dr
Paso Robles, CA 93446
Miguel & Maricruz Tomola – RSD 019
664 Broadway St. Suite F, Chula Vista, California 91910
(San Diego* area)
Mobile: (619) 770-0138 Office & Fax: (619) 420-6833
Hours: Mon thru Thurs, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Español: Cada sábado, 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
English (opportunity): Every Tues, 7 – 8 p.m.
Español (oportunidad): Cada miércoles, 7 – 8:30 p.m.
Español (producto): Cada miércoles, 10 – 11:30 a.m. y
5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Mario & Silvia Scheel – RSD 024
San Fern & o*, California
Tel: (818) 356-0071 Cell: (818) 388-5072
Fax: (818) 356-0068
Roberto & Ana Mirian Abarca – RSD 614
Lakewood*, Colorado
Roberto Cell: (720) 329-4908
Ana Miriam Cell: (303) 947-7498
Fax: (303) 274-6279
Español: Cada lunes, 6 p.m. y cada primer sábado del mes
de 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Hotel Ramada, 2601 Zuni St., DENVER
Español: Cada miércoles, 6 p.m.
2350 W. 29th St., GREENLEY
Español: Cada segundo y cuarto jueves, 4 p.m.
Hotel Ramada, 520 N. Murray Blvd., COLORADO SPRINGS
Español: Cada tercer y cuarto martes, 6 p.m.
Hotel Comfort Inn, 920 Cowen Dr., CARBONDALE
Español: Cada martes, 7 p.m. CONFERENCE ROOM
River Ridge Golf Course, 2401 W. Vineyard Ave.
Oxnard, CA 93036 Tel. (805) 981-8724
Español: Cada miércoles, 7 p.m. (Desde Julio – Starting in
July) Hotel Hampton Inn, 7501 North Gleanoaks Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91504 (818) 768-1106
Español: Un jueves por mes, 7 p.m. CONFERENCE ROOM
Hotel Best Western, 1725 Broadway
Santa Maria, CA 91454 Tel. (805) 922-5200
Para mas información llame a los Directores de Ventas
Regionales. For more information please call the Regional
Sales Directors.
Clases de Internet – Español:
Cada martes, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
English: 1st & 3rd Thurs of each month, 6 – 7 p.m.
Español: 1er y 3er jueves de cada mes, 7 – 8 p.m.
ROMA Restaurant, 5099 Mission St./Amazon
(near Geneva Ave.)SAN FRANCISCO
English: 1st & 3rd Wed of each month, 7 – 8 p.m.
PCH Realty, 1037 Redwood Street, VALLEJO
English: 1st & 3rd Wed of each month, 1 – 2 p.m.
Vietnamese & Chinese: 1st & 3rd Wed of each
month, 2 – 3 p.m. Wong’s Video, 1690 Berryesa Road/ N.
King Road. SAN JOSE
** Call Cesar at 415-724-3896 to schedule individual
trainings in Opportunity, Product, Internet , Tele-Seminar &
PowerPoint presentations.
Product Center Location
Graciela “Patty” Argueta – Office Manager
5609 Fishers Lane #10-A, Rockville, Maryl & 20852
Tel: (301)230-5870 Fax: (301)230-5871
Hours: Mon – Fri, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Sat, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
district of columbia
John & Anabelle Manzanero – RSD 620
4518 Cannes Lane, Olney, Maryl & 20832
Cell: (240) 505-6987
English: Every Mon & Wed, 12 – 2 p.m.
Español: Cada martes y jueves, 12 – 2 p.m.
All meetings held at Product Center address at left –
Todas las juntas se llevarán a cabo en el Centro de
Producto en la dirección a la izq.
Year End Celebration
Tuesday, December 9 at 7 p.m.
Quiet Cannon Banquet Center
901 N. Via San Clemente
Montebello, CA 90640
with special guest Regional Vice
President, David Anderson
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 31
Product Centers & Meeting Locations
(unless otherwise specified)
* To order product in this area, log-on to or call us at 1-888-440-ALOE(2563).
Para ordenar produto en esta área, conéctese a o llámenos al 1-888-440-ALOE(2563).
Special Meetings
(Juntas Especiales)
Opportunity & Product Meetings
(Juntas de Oportunidad y Producto)
Jose & Rosa Cazarez – RSD 015
Miami*, Florida
Tel: (863) 494-5456 Cell: (239) 209-2135
Hollywood, FL: English y Español
Nov, 24. Dic. 22, Enero 19 a las 6:45 pm
Hotel “Days Inn”, 2601 N 29th Ave,
Hollywood, FL 33020
Tel. (954) 923-7300
Russian Agosto 20, Sept 17 y Octubre 15, 7 p.m. to 9:30
p.m. Galina Kronik (954) 924-6506
Sarasota, FL: English y Español
Nov 11, Dic 15 y Enero 12 a las 6:45 pm
Hotel Hampton Inn (I-75 Bee Ridge Rd)
5995 Cattleridge Rd., Sarasota Fl 34232
Tel. (941) 371-1900
Miami, FL: English y Español
Nov 3, Dic 8 y Enero 5 a las 6:45 pm
Airport Regency Hotel, 1000 NW Le Jeune Rd.
Miami, FL 33126, Tel. (305) 441-1600
Luis Leal & Nubia Valencia – RSD 066
5430 Jimmy Carter Blvd., (Carter Center) Suite 214
Norcross*, Georgia 30093
Tel/Fax: (678) 966-0404 Mobile: (678) 887-9880
English y Español: Cada lunes, 6 – 8 p.m.
English y Español: Lunes a viernes, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
English y Español: 1er jueves de cada mes, 6 – 8 p.m.
Dalton, GA, Salon New York
Español (Taller de facial y anticelulitico y cosmetología):
Cada sábado, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Product Center Location
Tamas Domoszlai – ASM 572
21 Kaiau Pl., Maui (Kihei), Hawaii 96753
Tel: (808) 276-5214 Fax: (808) 879-5094
Lana Holladay – ASM 531
1691 W. Hendricks, Meridian, Idaho 83642
Tel: (208) 887-2287
Product Center Location
Alicia R. Coronel – Office Manager
353 Remington Blvd., Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440
Tel: (630) 771-9980 Fax: (630)771-9983
Hours: Mon, Wed & Thurs, 8am – 4pm; Tues & Fri, 10am – 6pm
Sat (pick-up only), 10am – 1pm; Closed Sunday
Gerardo Reyes – RSD 619
Tel: (773) 230-3239 Fax: (630)771-9983
Apoyo al Distribuidor – Español: lunes, martes y
miercoles – Tel: (773) 230-3239
Distributor Support – English: Monday, Tuesday
& Wednesday – Tel: (773) 230-3239
Joe & Ruth Miller – RSD 551
7035 S. 900 West, Topeka*, Indiana 46571
Tel: (260) 593-3563 e-mail:
English: Every Mon, 6 – 8:30 p.m.
S & ra Long – ASM 559
29 Sycamore St., Covington*, Louisiana 70433
Tel: (985) 893-6555
John & Anabelle Manzanero – RSD 620
4518 Cannes Lane, Olney, Maryl & 20832
Cell: (240) 505-6987
English: Every Mon & Wed, 12 – 2 p.m.
Español: Cada martes y jueves, 12 – 2 p.m.
Español: Primer sábado del mes, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Best Western Hotel Hillside, IL 4400 Frontage Rd.
English: First Sat of each month, 2 – 4 p.m.
Best Western Hotel Hillside, IL 4400 Frontage Rd.
Español: 3er sábado del mes, 12 – 2 p.m.
Ramada Inn, 200 Green Bay Rd., Waukegan, IL
Español (producto): Ultimo sábado del mes, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Restaurante IXTAPA, 6714 W. Cermak, Berwyn, IL
West Palm Beach, FL: English y Español
Nov 20, Dic 18 y Enero 15 a las 6:45 pm
Hotel Comfort Inn
1901 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Tel. (561) 689-6100
Fort Myers, FL: English y Español
Nov. 14, Dic. 19, Enero 9 a las 7 pm
Hotel “La Quinta” at the Airport
9521 Market Place Road
Fort Myers, FL 33912
Tel. (239) 466-0012
maryl & (including District of Columbia)
Forever 2nd Rally – Florida Eagles
Monday, November 17, 2008 at 6 pm
with special guest Regional Vice
President, David Anderson
Airport Regency Hotel
1000NW Le Jeune Rd.
Miami, FL 33126 (305) 441-1600
Chicago Annual Party
Friday, December 5 at 6 pm
with special guest Regional
Vice President, Carl Z & er
Best Western Chicago Hillside
4400 Frontage Road, Hillside, IL 60162
Phone (708) 544-9300
For reservations & information please
contact Gerardo Reyes (773) 230-3239
32 |
Product Centers & Meeting Locations
(unless otherwise specified)
Special Meetings
(Juntas Especiales)
Opportunity & Product Meetings
(Juntas de Oportunidad y Producto)
To order product in this area, log-on to or call us at 1-888-440-ALOE(2563).
* Para ordenar produto en esta área, conéctese a o llámenos al 1-888-440-ALOE(2563).
Español: Cada miercoles, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.
maryl & – cont. (including District of Columbia)
new jersey
new york
north carolina
Español: Cada lunes, 11 a.m. Clases de Sonya: Cada miercoles, 11 a.m.
Junta de Gerentes: Cada 1er viernes de cada mes 11 a.m.
Product Center Location
Graciela “Patty” Argueta – Office Manager
5609 Fishers Lane #10-A, Rockville, Maryl & 20852
Tel: (301)230-5870 Fax: (301)230-5871
Mon – Fri, 11am – 5pm; Sat, 11am – 2pm
Call 1-888-440-ALOE for more information.
Maria Zenaida & Julio Charchalac – ASMs 566
*Las Vegas, NV
Tel (702) 354-9141
Boris & Irina Mezheritsky – ASM 557
6 Independence Way, Rockaway*, New Jersey 07866
Tel. (973) 537-1606
English: Every 3rd Sat, 2 p.m.
Days Inn, 3159 Rt. 46 East, Parsippany, NJ07054
Tel: (973) 335-0200 (Hotel)
Alex & Elvira Tunitsky – RSD 558
Brooklyn*, New York 11223
Tel: (718) 964-3680
Russian: Every Sun, 10:00 am
Restaurant Caspiy. 1309 Ave Z. Brooklyn, NY 11235
English: Every Wed, 7:00 pm
Marlboro Memorial Post 1437. 300 Ave X Brooklyn, NY 11223
English y Español: 2nd Thurs of each month, 7:00 pm
Marlboro Memorial Post 1437. 300 Ave X Brooklyn, NY 11223
Federico & Patricia Castellano – RSD 069
2815 Chestnut Heights Rd., Winston-Salem*,
North Carolina 27107
Tel: (336)391-2838 or (336)788-8724
Manager Training – English:
2nd Sat. of each month, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Hotel Hampton Inn
I-40 Exit 312, clayton, nc
Entrenamiento a Gerentes – Español:
Segundo sábado de cada mes, 2 – 4 p.m.
Hotel Hampton Inn
I-40 Exit 312, clayton, nc
Junta General – Español:
Segundo sábado de cada mes, 4:30 – 7 p.m.
Hotel Hampton Inn
I-40 Exit 312, clayton, nc
Español (with English Translation):
Primer sábado de cada mes 5 a 7 p.m.
Hotel Holiday Inn Express
I-40 Exit 192, Winston Salem
Español (with English Translation):
Primer martes de cada mes, 5 a 7 pm.
Hotel Holiday Inn Express
I-40 Exit 214,Greensboro
Español (with English Translation):
Tercer sábado de cada mes
Hotel Quality Inn, 608 Khan Dr. & I-95, LUMBERTON
Entrenamiento de Gerentes – Español: 1er
y 3er Jueves de cada mes de 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Lugar para todas las juntas: Fairfield Inn, 3033 Cloverleaf Parkway, Kannapolis, NC 28083 (Salida 58 del Fwy. 85)
Darryl & Amy Bednarski – RSD 618
8133 Broadview Road, Broadview Heights*, Ohio 44147
Tel: (440) 838-8787 1-800-300-2400 (Ohio Only)
Fax: (440) 838-8393 e-mail:
David & Maricela Ruiz – RSD 552
Concord*, North Carolina 28025
Tel: (704) 720-7704 Mobile: (704) 701-4109
English: Every Thurs, 7 p.m. & Sat, 11 a.m.
new mexico
Winona C. Franchini – ASM 424
1807 Stanford Drive N.E., Albuquerque*, New Mexico 87106
Tel: (505) 255-6461
4777 E. Charleston Blvd. Suite #111, Las Vegas, NV 89104, Entre Charleston y Nellis, Tel. (702)883-6522 o (702)353-9141
Juana Ordonez – ASM 549
5520 S. Independence Ave., Oklahoma City*,
Oklahoma 73119
Tel: (405) 921-6863 para información en Español
(405) 413-5472 for information in English
Español: Cada lunes 6 pm
5209 S. Pennsylvania Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73119
Tel. (405) 921-6863
Alberto & Ana Gutierrez – ASM 567
Tulsa*, Oklahoma 74146
Tel: (918)230-7146
Call 1-888-440-ALOE for more information.
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 33
Product Centers & Meeting Locations
(unless otherwise specified)
Special Meetings
(Juntas Especiales)
Opportunity & Product Meetings
(Juntas de Oportunidad y Producto)
Sergio & Maria Elena Garcia – ASM 550
161 Duval Loop, Laredo*, TX 78041
Tel: (956) 726-9851
Español: Cada lunes, 12 – 2 p.m.
Hector Garza – RSD 617
McAllen*, Texas
Tel: (956) 343-7037 Cell: (956) 343-7037
Español (oportunidad):
Rio Gr & e Valley
Cada jueves 7 p.m.
Holiday Inn Conference Center Exp 83 McAllen, TX
Cada martes 7 p.m. Best Western International Blvd.
Weslaco, TX
San Antonio
Cada lunes 7 p.m. Radison Resort W Durango
English (opportunity): Every other Tuesday
To order product in this area, log-on to or call us at 1-888-440-ALOE(2563).
Para ordenar produto en esta área, conéctese a o llámenos al 1-888-440-ALOE(2563). *
puerto rico
Ardelle Anderson – ASM 561
Portl & *, Oregon 97062
Tel: (503) 612-9990 Mobile: (503)701-3446
Product Center Location
Wilfredo Mercado & Roseanna Diaz – ASM 621
Urb Las Lomas, Calle 37 S.O. #817, Rio Piedras,
San Juan PR 00921-2403
Tel: (787) 503-4131 Fax: (787) 783-7561
Español: 3er lunes de cada mes, 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Casa España al lado del Capitolio Viejo San Juan
Product Center Location
Sonja Hunter – ASM 556
PO Box 3769, Apia, Samoa
Tel: (011)685-777-6000
Maria Chaidez – ASM 563
8941 Hickory Trail Dr., Cordova, TN 38018
Tel: (901) 831-8368
Robin & Aracely Carrillo – RSD 616
Houston, Texas
Tel: (832) 748-2177 Robin Carrillo
(832) 748-2454 Aracely Carrillo
Fax: (713) 334-9028
Lillie & Maurice Romero – ASM 562
Odessa*, Texas
Tel: (575)512-8030
English y Español: Once a month (una vez al mes)
Odessa, TX
Carmen & Ricardo Novoa – RSD 615
Dallas/Ft. Worth*, Texas
Tel: Carmen (972) 489-3946
Ricardo (972) 672-7158
Fax: (972) 767-0776
English – SF Hotel: Every Saturday, 12 – 2 p.m.
Español – SF Hotel: Cada sábado, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Southfork Hotel
1600 N Central Expressway, Plano, TX 75074
Tel: (972)578-8555
Español: Cada miércoles, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Sterling Hotel, 1055 Regal Row, Dallas TX 75247
Tel: (214)634-8550
Reuniónes de Oportunidad: Cada lunes, 6:45 p.m.
Hotel Crowne Plaza, 9090 Southwest Freeway
(Cruza con Bissonet) Houston, TX 77074
Entrenamiento del Producto:
Cada miércoles 10:45 a.m.
Hotel Crowne Plaza, 9090 Southwest Freeway
(Cruza con Bissonet) Houston, TX 77074
Entrenamiento de Internet:
Cada domingo, 5:30 – 6:30 p.m., Killeen Texas
Cada martes, 6 – 7 p.m., Austin, TX
Cad miercoles, 5 – 6 p.m., Georgetown, Texas
Tel: (512)635-4833
Alma Cardona – ASM 568
Austin, Texas 78626
Tel: (512)796-0134
Cada martes, 7 – 8:30 p.m.
Extended Stay Hotel, 8221 N. IH 35
Austin, TX 78753 Tel: (512)796-0134
Cada lunes, 7 – 8:30 p.m., Round Rock, TX
Cada miercoles, 6 – 7:30 p.m., Georgetown, TX
Tel: (512)635-4833
Cada domingo, 6 – 8:30 p.m. Killeen, TX
Tel: (512)635-4833
Reunión de Gerentes:
Primer viernes de cada mes a las 10:00am
Hotel Hilton, 6780 Soutwest Freeway y Hillcrof
Houston, TX 77074
34 |
Special Meetings
(Juntas Especiales)
Opportunity/Opportunity & Product Meetings
(Juntas de Oportunidad y Producto)
Product Centers & Meeting Locations
(unless otherwise specified)
Special Meetings
(Juntas Especiales)
Opportunity & Product Meetings
(Juntas de Oportunidad y Producto)
Eldon & Pam Kellogg – ASM 440
28 W. 14th Street, Spokane, Washington 99204
Tel: (509) 838-0528
Robert & Anne Ramos – ASM 545
8823 West Mall Drive, Everett*, Washington 98208
Tel: (425) 347-7924
Cell #1 – (206) 407-9207 Cell #2 – (425) 327-8011
To order product in this area, log-on to or call us at 1-888-440-ALOE(2563).
* Para ordenar produto en esta área, conéctese a o llámenos al 1-888-440-ALOE(2563).
English (opportunity): Every Tues, 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Chinese (opportunity): Every Thurs, 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Chris & Jessica Turpin – RSD 067
4503 Taylor Ave.,Ogden*, Utah 84403
Tel: (801) 391-3834 Fax: (801) 621-7778
Lois Matty – ASM 520
5364 Bellaire Way, Bellingham*, Washington 98226
Tel: (360) 384-4700
English: Every Thurs. 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Holiday Inn Express – Metrotown “Great Room”
4505 Central Boulevard
Français (opportunity): Merc, 7:30 – 9pm
Español: Cada jueves, 7 p.m.
1190 E. 5425 So., Ogden, Utah
English: Every Wed, 7 p.m.
1190 E. 5425 So., Ogden, Utah
English: Nov 11 & Dec 2 at 7:30 p.m.
Comfort Inn & Suites Sea-Tac – Conference Room
19333 International Blvd. Sea Tac, WA 98188
Tel. (206) 878-1100
Wei-Lih Hsu – RSD 060
Cell: (416) 838-8010
Product Center Location
Amy Chen – Office Manager
328 Consumers Road
North York, Ontario M2J 1P8, Canada
Tel: (416) 491-7776 Fax: (416) 491-4600
Toll free: (877) 669-9651
e-mail: or
M, W, F, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.; T & Th 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sat, Noon – 4:00 pm
Zeljko Lukic – ASM 564
1498 Morningstar Ave.
Windsor, Ontario N8P 1R3, Canada
Tel: (519) 979-8966 Fax: (519) 979-2374
british columbia
Jack Kotanko – RSD 068
1401-10523 134th St, Surrey*, BC. Canada V3T 5T8
Cell: (604) 837-4907 Fax: (604) 589-0987
Product Center Location
Lothar Klimpel – ASM 493
58 Promenade Ave., Ottawa, Ontario K2E 5X8, Canada
Tel: (613) 727-5484 Fax: (613) 727-5612
Claude & Raymonde Ricard – RSD 057
1400 Sullivan Rd., Val-D’Or*,
Quebec J9P 1M1, Canada
Tel: (819) 856-6098 Fax: (819) 824-2864
Maria Bartok & Ladislav Zabo – ASM 569
Calgary AB Canada
Phone: 403-244-5905
Angelika & Nicholas Szidiropulosz – ASM 571
Montreal, Ontario, Canada
Tel. (514) 570-1787
Anna & Gerhard Enns – ASM 573
Steinbach*, MB Canada
Tel: (204) 326-7650
English: Every 2nd Thurs. of the month, 6:30 – 9 pm
Steinbach 55 Plus Center
10 Chrysler Gate
Steinbach,MB R5G 2E6
German: Every 4th Monday of the month, 6:30 – 9 pm
Steinbach 55 Plus Center
10 Chrysler Gate
Steinbach,MB R5G 2E6
1-888-440-ALOE(2563) | 35
Send your photos & articles to:
Attn: Marketing
7501 E. McCormick Parkway
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
The contents of this publication are to be used solely for
educational purposes & should not be used as a sales supplement,
Handout or publication for use in conjunction with a
sales promotion. To avoid having this information taken out
of context, you are not to copy or extract any portions of the
publication without prior written permission from Forever
Living Products International, Inc.
Success Day with Rex Maughan
October 26
For more information please contact
Managing Director Arif Sut & ar at
Rally with Rex Maughan
October 31
For more information please contact
Manageing Director Ms. Truong Thi Nhi
at 011-84-8-948-5119
Success Day with Garin Breinholt
November 11-12
For more information, please contact
Country Manager Mariana Vimbela
at 011-593-42-886-637.
Success Day with Garin Breinholt
November 16
For more information, please contact
Country Managers Fern & o & Ana
Junqueira at 011-55-21-2528-0038.
Success Day with Garin Breinholt
November 18
For more information, please contact
Country Mangers Gustavo & Graciela
Galeano at 011-59-5-21-609024.
Success Day with Gregg Maughan
November 2
For more information please contact
Managing Director Tom Hsiao at 011-886-
Send your photos & articles to:
Attn: Marketing
7501 E. McCormick Parkway
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
The contents of this publication are to be used solely for
educational purposes & should not be used as a sales
supplement, Handout or publication for use in conjunction
with a sales promotion. To avoid having this information
taken out of context, you are not to copy or extract any
portions of the publication without prior written permission
from FLP Products International, Inc.
7501 E. McCormick Parkway, Scottsdale, AZ 85258
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