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Weight Loss On the Go | Aloe2Goe Juice

We all know that exercise is an essential component to weight loss, but it’s easy to overestimate just how much movement we havein our day. Darting around town for work or for family can make us feel like we’ve run a marathon. But according to the U.S. Departmentof Health & Human Services, to remain healthy most adults should pack in at least 2.5 hours of aerobic activity a week & practicestrength training at least twice a week.

For weight loss, those numbers should climb even higher. Luckily, experts agree that the exercisedoes not have to be continuous. Here are some ways to add the activity into your day.

how to do girl sit ups

Work out At Home

• Ask your family members to take a group walk, ride bikes to the store, trim plants & garden, or organize a game of kickball. Or, rally family members to clean closets, wash windows, vacuum, mop floors, & dust.

• Light exercise before meals can act as an appetite suppressant. Schedule a brisk walk, a session on the workout ball, or a moment with an exercise tape before dinner.

• Try waking up 30 minutes early to get in a daily exercise session. Create a small area in your home that includes a piece of workout equipment or some Hand weights. At Work

• Wear comfortable shoes & -fitted clothing. Experts agree you can burn up to 125 more calories a day just by being comfortable.

• Take walk breaks instead of coffee breaks. Use your 15 minutes to walk up & down a flight of stairs, walk around the block, or perform some rejuvenating Yoga poses.

• Form a lunchtime walking group. Walk or climb stairs for a half hour before eating & you might even eat less of your lunch. At Play

• Invite your pals for an active play date. Instead of going to lunch, dinner or happy hour, invite your good friends to go for a hike, or try a new Yoga or Pilates class.

• Join a sports team or group. Knowing you have an “appointment” for fitness with a team or group can be a great way to get motivated.

• Buy an extra gym bag & keep it packed & ready to go. Fill it with walking or running shoes, comfortable workout clothes, exercise b & , & a bag of toiletries.

You’ll want to keep up your energy however you’re moving, & two perfect ways to do that are Forever Freedom2Go™ & Forever Aloe2Go®. Freedom2Go offers the sweet taste of pomegranate with all the health benefits of Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM. Aloe2Go combines the great taste of Pomesteen Power with the healthful goodness of Aloe Vera Gel in a pouch for a quick, tasty treat. Don’t forget to keep up your movement & your energy however you’re on the go!

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